BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14

Logistics and General Info Sessions We will use this category to prepare for the <a href="">pre-scheduled tracks</a> and sessions.<br>See all <a href="">submitted papers</a> in our gdrive. Unconference <strong>Unconference by Global DIYbio and BioArt Networks</strong><br>Various biohacking groups, such as the Hackteria Network, Hackuarium, Bioscope, and Gaudi Labs work together to help coordinate a self-organized gathering of biohackers, bioartists, and bioenthusiasts from all over the word to contribute and participate in like presentations, discussion groups, workshops, demos, hack sessions and more. This meet up intends to create a series of activities that foster the sharing and development of knowledge and techniques as well as creating networks and bonds of collaboration among different groups and individuals.
About the BioFabbing 2017, May 10th - 14th [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
DIY BIO - Fair Play ( 2 ) [Unconference] (30)
Camino De Santiago [Unconference] (9)
Were the DIY CRISPR kits contaminated? [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
Benefits and the hidden face of the maker movement: Thoughts on its appropriation in African context [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (9)
Africa tackles biohacking for healthcare [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
Upcoming Hackathon in Munich [TECHFEST] [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (5)
Biohacking in Cameroon: around low-cost biohacking equipment [Unconference] (16)
La Mort de la Biologie Do-It-Yourself [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (7)
Setting up a Lab [Unconference] (6)
Community Bio Summit @MIT Media Lab! [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
Planning Session - advocating for grassroots citizen science ( 2 ) [Unconference] (23)
Before you leave [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (12)
Things to read and think about for BioFabbing [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (16)
Documentation Sharing [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (15)
Contact list (+ goodbye) [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (4)
A one-photo report on the occasional Spanish language workshop [Unconference] (4)
Photos from Biofabbing Convergence! [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (12)
Show us your photos [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (3)
Looking for instructors for Waag [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (6)
Gender & (bio)hacking [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (9)
BioFabbing @ GaudiLabs with Sunaj and Sabhyata [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
Critique and experimental collaborations [Sessions] (2)
GYMBH - Get Your Money Back Here [Logistics and General Info] (2)
Cycles, intimacy, living your biology [Unconference] (6)
Feedbacks! a reminder [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
Sunday Après-Midi - Open Geneva Hackathon Finale [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
Workshop for Workshops: How to design space for interdisciplinary projects in Scientific Research? [Unconference] (14)
"Indie Drugs" - Gabriela Sanchez [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (6)
Notes from Rudiger Josaih CRSPr hahnenkampf [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)