BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14

The Odin Case Discussion [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
Namaste! Who are you and what are your interests? ( 2 ) [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (28)
Un-boring unconference on The Balancing Act [Unconference] (2)
Mac charger lost? [Logistics and General Info] (2)
Utopiana address [Logistics and General Info] (2)
The Bus is waiting..... to Hackuarium [Logistics and General Info] (4)
What can you do in Geneva on a weekend? [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)
Experimental collaborations across cultures [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
On Identity: insights into politics and values - Track 3 [Sessions] (10)
Track 4: On BioHacking: Lessons from design and DIYbio practices [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (12)
Discussion on sustainability of DIYbio spaces & community spaces [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
Fair Play for DIY science [Unconference] (1)
Hacking education system by integrating design thinking in curriculum [Unconference] (1)
Unconference Brainstorming [Unconference] (9)
Wanna go running? [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (10)
On Institutions: Drawing boundaries and collaborations - Track 2 [Sessions] (17)
Session Proposal - University BioFabLab / Biohacklabs [Unconference] (2)
"The accidental biohacker: enabling "citizen" driven science projects" - Bethan and Philip [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (2)
@helloHackuarium [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (8)
"Why is Scientific Knowledge is Never Enough: A Detour Through History " - Dominique Pestre (Keynote) [Sessions] (7)
Session Proposal - Brainstorm to improve DIYbiosphere (web platform) [Unconference] (4)
Is there any streaming of the sessions? [Logistics and General Info] (3)
Access to CERN wifi-network [Logistics and General Info] (5)
Wed morning activities location [Logistics and General Info] (1)
Accommodation for EVERYONE IS SORTED OUT! [Logistics and General Info] (7)
Related Events happening in Geneva [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (5)
+FIRST AID+ Practical Info: Venues, How to get there, EAT & Hangout in GVA [Logistics and General Info] (4)
CERN Reception Opening hours problem [Logistics and General Info] (9)
Creating self sufficient makerspaces [Unconference] (3)
Some visits to other parts of CERN [BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14] (1)