HLab X - Taiwan Hackteria Decenniale Klöntal BioHack Retreat In cooperation with <a href="http://Hackteria.org">Hackteria.org</a>, the artist Maya Minder invites people from the international biohackers scene to stay in the Klöntal (Alpine valley in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland), <strong>Sep 20-24, 2017</strong>. Scientists, hackers and artists meet for the development of ideas and open exchange. Biohacking is an open science movement that tries to make science more accessible through a playful approach to biology and the life sciences. Public workshops in the temporary laboratory provide insights into the subject matter. Under the guidance, simple Do-It-Yourself lab devices are built and speculated by experimenting with living organisms and food via alternative bio- and food technologies. This has partly utopian potential, in contrast to commercially motivated research and offers easy access to complex research topics.<br> <strong>Keywords</strong><br> <em>Biohacking, DIYbio, Citizen Science, Environment, Open Collaboration, Workshops, Field trips, Fermentation, Wild Herbs, Food Hacking, Biosensors, Democratization, Transdisciplinarity, Reflections.</em>
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