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Use this category to discuss projects and dreams happening in our new space in Zürich.
Since summer 2020 Hackteria has finally booted up a physical laboratory to be used by our local community in Zürich (and beyond). As part of the shared Hackerspace “Bitwäscherei” we have an inspiring environemnt with access to hardware workshops, activitsts and experts in digitalisation, and a generally enthusiastic and open hacker culture.

Mind thGAP_

Mind thGAP is a collaborative Programme with Hackteria ZET – Open Science Lab in Zürich – Research Node: ReproTech & Art / Germline Hacks and Designer Babies, Adam Zaretsky, Cristian Delgado, Paula Pin and Marc Dusseiller, with representatives of psyFert and BEAK, the Bioart Ethical Advisory Kommission. See our documentation website:
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Open Soil: Research on the secret ingredients that make plants happy. Let’s explore what is going on in the ground beneath our feet. Let’s dig deeper together.

ハクテリア 合宿 - Oki Wonder Lab

ハクテリア 合宿 - Oki Wonder Lab is a concentrated gathering of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science . In the past, Hackteria has been organising both carefully planned and/or spontaneous activities. The HackteriaLabs have been providing vessels which create international networks and potential collaboration to emerge and flourish. HackteriaLab’s main focus always has been on the process of interaction between creative people , between professionals and amateurs, providing a stimulant for collaborative processes ; for developing new ideas which connect and embrace the cultural diversities of the participants; and to address societal challenges through experiments with DIWO Culture , with material, technique, and nature through hands-on tinkering, curiosity driven research and never ending inquisitiveness .


We are writing software for HiSeq DNA sequencers to turn them into advanced instruments for general scientific research.

Klöntal BioHack Retreat

In cooperation with, the artist Maya Minder invites people from the international biohackers scene to stay in the Klöntal (Alpine valley in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland), Sep 20-24, 2017. Scientists, hackers and artists meet for the development of ideas and open exchange. Biohacking is an open science movement that tries to make science more accessible through a playful approach to biology and the life sciences. Public workshops in the temporary laboratory provide insights into the subject matter. Under the guidance, simple Do-It-Yourself lab devices are built and speculated by experimenting with living organisms and food via alternative bio- and food technologies. This has partly utopian potential, in contrast to commercially motivated research and offers easy access to complex research topics.
Biohacking, DIYbio, Citizen Science, Environment, Open Collaboration, Workshops, Field trips, Fermentation, Wild Herbs, Food Hacking, Biosensors, Democratization, Transdisciplinarity, Reflections.

BioFabbing 2017.May.10-14

The BioFabbing Convergence will combine several event formats composed mainly by a Conference on Critical Studies of DIYbio and Biohacking and an Unconference by Global DIYbio and Bioart Networks