Any funky way to deal with etching waste?

I etch my conductive fibre (i think usually cooper and nickel) with H2O2 and vinegar. After i laser the photosensitive resin (for SLA 3d printing) coated on the conductive textile. Any “cool” idea to reuse the waste solution then just throw it to toilet?


oioi you environemental terrorist! throwing copper solutions into the toilet isn’t the way to properly dispose!
In fact we just “officially” disposed of 40 kg of waste etching copper solution at the cantonal “Sonderabfall” station, did cost us 120 bucks.

What you can do is to crystalize the stuff out and make nice little salty sculptures.

it’s a different etchant, but there is some nice explanations on the chemistry here:

wow!! is the “sculpture” the colorful paint on the floor?

what kind of resin are you using?

remove Photoresist Dry Film from traces with sodium hydroxide solution

or scrub the “board” with steel wool and acetone.

sodium hydroxide solution >

2g : 100ml water

have never tried this on a conductive textile…


i m not sure what kind was it, it was transparent and very sticky, heavy smell too, I don’t think i want to use acetone for those kinda resin anymore, but thanks for the reply tho! :slight_smile:

But i now will buy a new resin next time, its water soluble, works with 405nm too.

I’ve been using this blue stuff mainly for repairs… the hydroxide solution works nice on flexi stuff and FR4 clads. not sure about textile itchy stuff…


i also think you should never expose your etchant disposal technique…

what do you mean…?


I started to work with kombucha leather, the material is amazing and I was asking myself if it is possible to stich some cables into it to make some circuits?
I found those to links that are dealing with different biomaterials also for fashion

Do you have any experience with biomaterials used for e-textiles? I will give a presentation for kids and want to show some cool project.

Please send me some pictures to include if you want to share?

All best

Maya Minder

golden foils? you can laser cut and position its pretty shitty delicate job…

cool links! @mamaya i was just looking into the work of clara davis, i wanna try the charcoal bioplastic for some pressure sensing in my workshop.

but i didnt make any bioplastic attempts by myself yet. I am now looking into Galinstan for PDMS devices… i am maybe the least bio person on this forum…

@mamaya actually we are launching an e-textile online international residency/exchange platform. I hope you can join us! it’s a 5 months program but people participate it part-timely. Will send an open call to you soon!

Oh! I look forward to the residency info @weiweiweiwear
Currently working on a project involving tactile interfaces that incorporate mycelium ‘leather’ and
scoby ‘leather’ - soft circuitry combined with bio-sonification into/out of a mixed reality/VR experience.

Etchant- if not mentioned already and it is a standard PCB etchant or similar
neutralise it with Baking Soda/Soda bicarbonate and let it dry out

Thank you! It looks easy, I’ll give it a try.

Yes! I’ll post the open call next week somewhere here too! totally welcome!

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