Call for participants in summer workshop-camp 16-19 Aug. Helsingør, Denmark

Hi Everybody.
Do you want to enjoy summer while working on ecology-technology-art projects with other creative professionals? More info in FB-event and the text below.

Best - Malthe

We would like to invite you to our summer camp in August. The camp is a co-creation event, where we invite artists, art educators, museums, educational and cultural institutions, designers, tech professionals, researchers and practitioners to take part in building a new school of aesthetics and technology.

We want to create an event for professionals where we can bring bright minds together and start the co-development of a new school - as in a school of thought. SÆT is founded with the aim of social and ecological inclusion. We want to overcome the digital divide and challenge the dominant commercial narrative of tech by exploring and rethinking new technologies for our society through aesthetic methods and theory.

  • SÆT is a new collective and ecocritical approach to future technology
  • SÆT puts art and the aesthetics at the center of the development
  • wants to include a more diverse group of people in the often complex and exclusive conversation about new technology
  • SÆT insists that solutions must not only apply to the few but needs to consider the planet as a whole
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Thank you so much for your email. Can you please let me know how to apply for it.thank you. Currently i am based in Indonesia so is it going to be online or offline. Thank you