Track 4: On BioHacking: Lessons from design and DIYbio practices

Tomorrow in the morning we will talk about; How does/should DIYbio make things and with who? How to keep making things? This track the challenges and opportunities of biohacking.

Speakers are
10:00 to 10:30 - Martin and Gernot : Open Source Tools for CS
10:30 COFFE Breake on Rooftop
11:00 to 11:30 - Raphael: Biohacking and Design
11:30 to 12:00 - Rose Biohacking Infrastructures

See you tomorrow

Dear speakers (Martin and Gernot, Raphael, Rose), may you can still send some information about your talks to the forum; So we will know a bit better what we are looking forward to discuss about…


Hey guys,

So today I’ll be talking about DIY biology in the context of design, but diving into a specific area of design called ‘Speculative design’, initially championed by Dunne and Raby but being adopted by many others in the field.

I’ll be looking at the role of DIY biology, and how it can not only further shape and enrich the design language but help one to speculate about our futures better. I’ll be highlighting some examples of work (by others and myself) that illustrates these ideas.

Don’t expect a talk about creating cheap/accessible bio-materials/equipment to solve problems eg. sustainability, medicine, energy etc. But thinking in terms of using hands-on biological experimentations and growing as a design process to provoke, warn and examine implications (not applications) of biotechnology.

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Thanks Raphael,

Looking forward to hear from you the intertwined stories of Speculative Design & ‘Bio-Art’, I am especially interested in you opinion on the change and development of the Speculative Design landscape and whether we are actully now in the ear of Post-Speculative Design.

Here a bit information to Martin @mmborch. He is a biological engineer and interaction designer. He co-founded the Copenhagen DIYbio space Biologigaragen in 2010. He have collaborated on several art, design, dance and architectural projects. He also worked as a management consultant, and now he is setting up a BioFabLab at Roskilde university as an extension to a really amazing Fablab . Aditionally he is setting up a new biological co-working space and incubator, called LIV, at the new singularity university hub in Copenhagen,

Thanks Georg! I suppose speculative design has its flaws, and now there are calls to modify how it is done.
Probably won’t plug my own projects sadly, but a few examples of workshops and a snapshot of the landscape!

By the way, are we going to the venue together? I’m at CERN hotel, apparently we could meet at R1 but no idea where that is…

Hi bioFabbers & Bjorn

Really sorry not to be with you. Malthe will give insights into the collaboration between Biologigaragen & Novozymes this morning. Please reach out if questions or interest in discussing Openinnovation
Some aspects are covered in this documentary Collaboration: at the Edge of a new Paradigm

Have a great conference day


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We are waiting at the restaurant1 (R1), where we had lunch yesterday…
see ya

Hi, I just arrived/ newbie, ist it at idea square or somewhere else? Shall I take the Bus to ideasquare?

Thanks, Nicola

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Did I See you Herr at the biotech forum close to the botanic garden in the session, or do you still need some directions?

We are in the Session Martin talks about the developments arround biologiegaragen…

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