Anybody want some analogue film camera traps?

Hi everyone,
Message from a friend from Newcastle University (UK) who’s into DIY camera traps for biodiversity studies:

I’m writing because I recently learned of a large cache of 100+ camera traps that a Swiss researcher is getting rid of. If no one takes them, the cameras will be thrown away. The catch is that these are analogue film cameras, and whomever wants them needs to pay postage.

I think it’s important that these cameras don’t end up in a landfill, so I’m trying to find good homes for them. My question is: Would you like to have a couple for your respective hacking communities to tinker with?


His name is Pen (Pen-Yuan Hsing, if you’re interested go ahead and write him :slight_smile:

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whoa!!!.. so many…

but, i will text him for some of those camera traps…

thank you for let us know, Lucy

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That is perfect for a workshop in the woods at projekt draussen! I’ll write him.

Thank you Lucy!

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Thank you!!

I am writing to him too!!

Sounds great for video experimenting


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Thanks, Lucy! I want some, will email him :slight_smile:

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Ha :slight_smile: Pen will be happy (and probably a little overwhelmed…!)

Hello everyone, I’m the OP!

First of all, many thanks to @lu_cyP for posting this. And thanks to everyone who has responded, really glad there’s interest in saving these valuable equipment from the landfill!

A few clarifications:

  1. These ~100-ish motion sensing camera traps are currently located near Bern in Switzerland, not in the UK.
  2. The person with the cameras is happy to give them away as long as people can pay postage (or probably pickup in person).
  3. Each camera weighs approximately 1.2 kg.
  4. You can use this page to help estimate postage costs to your area.
  5. I just emailed the current owner for more specifications of the cameras e.g. what kind(s) of film(s) it needs (8, 16, or 35 mm?), battery requirements, model number, etc. Will update once I hear from them (see update below).

Depending on your needs, the “catch” might be that these are analogue, not digital, cameras so you need to replace the film after each use and you need to develop the film.

However, I think these cameras are still great for art projects, education, wildlife monitoring, or general hacking/tinkering!

Thanks you everyone, and let me know if you have more questions.

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Apparently this is the film used with the cameras:

Fujifilm X-TRA Superia 400 ASA 36

So looks like it is only still photos and not for videos… :frowning:

And they are operated by rechargeable batteries.

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And click here for a picture of a typical camera trap in this lot!

Hello @hpyn,

I’m super interested and would love to get maybe 2 - 4 camera trap… (super thanks for @lu_cyP who sharing it)
However, since it’s located in Bern, is it possible to sending it to @dusjagr? because he has a plan to visit Taiwan very soon and during the trip will also visit Indonesia in the next month.

Can you help me with some suggestion what will be best to do? Or do you think I will be better to send an email to Pen-Yuan Hsing at directly?

Thank you very much.

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Hi @wawies!

Glad you’re interested in getting a few! Sorry I wasn’t clear earlier, I am Pen-Yuan Hsing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you mean @dusjagr will be near Bern, Switzerland to pick up a few of the cameras? Or is he usually based near it? My guess is that mailing the cameras to Taiwan or Indonesia might be kind of expensive! (but certainly possible: coincidentally I use to live in Taiwan and have done similar things)

If @dusjagr is happy to receive the cameras, it can be arranged for them to be sent to @dusjagr’s address. Would this work for you?

Whuahahaha… hello again then…

He will be around Zurich, but sadly he be there until Sunday… Is possible to send it to zurich during this weekend? And how much the cost it will be?

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Thank a lot @lu_cyP for this sharing… @hpyn I need 4 of them to bring in Cameroon and others African countries (Burkina and Togo). Can I send you one adress in Geneva, or somebody who can take it for me?

Thank you

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Hi @wawies and @thomasmboa!

OK, can you both send me an email at with your address and I’ll get you in touch with the owner?

@wawies: Zurich doesn’t sound very far so I don’t think the postage will be expensive, I think the challege is getting it there by Sunday!

Oh and to be clear: Remember to buy photographic film and rechargeable batteries to go with the cameras!

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hello everybody
i’m not quite following this, but i will be travelling from bern to zürich tomorrow actually. would that be of any help?


Wow! Thanks @scifischer!

@wawies: Would this work for you??? If so we need to contact the camera owner asap and see if they can meet tomorrow!

will be taking the train at around 2.30. just let me know!

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Yes… it will works… i’ll send you the address right away to your email… thank you so much…

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Update: Scratch that… The owner is unable to meet tomorrow, so no need to pick up the cameras at that time. But thank you so much for the offer!! The world needs more people like you. :slight_smile:

Thank you again @scifischer. Do you mind emailing me your contact information (including mobile phone) so I can pass to the camera trap owner in case they can meet tomorrow? I suspect this is a very long shot on such short notice, but just in case? Thanks!

P.S. My email is

sorry, will have to catch the train earlier probably. so no luck…

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