GRÜETZI MITENAND! Let's do an intro round \o/

Hello Let’s all get to know each other
[ @dusjagr :wink: ]

I’m Lucy from Berlin. (as I already mentioned) I’m a science hacker and co-organiser of Science Hack Day Berlin and the Berlin Science Hacking Community. My background is in molecular biology, but these days I work as a kind of freelance project and community manager, organising hackathons and other interdisciplinary co-creation things. I’m also part of a Berlin art/science/tech collective, Lacuna Lab. This year I also worked on putting together a thing called the DIY Science Network, which is trying to work on peer-to-peer support for grassroots citiizen science initiatives and advocate for access to funding. It’s slumped a little lately due to major lack of time and funding (haha), but it’s an important issue that we still care about very deeply, and we hope to keep pushing on it. When I’m not organising, I’m interested in female biology and fertility tracking, and I’m also getting into soil ecology with the idea to make a community diy science project out of it in Berlin.
I’m really looking forward to the retreat and to meeting everyone (again)!


hello… helloooooo
Nice to meet you all!

I’m Wisnu from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My background is an architect, but nowadays more focusing on urban planning as my daily job at engineering and planning consultant. Meanwhile, when I’m off from my office desk, I’m interested in hanging out on wildlife when doing adventure activities, learning (super amateur) landscape photography, sharing knowledge, networking and join interdisciplinary projects. The interests that brought me became a freelance editor and content writer at (although I’m not really active now hehe) and also became a member of Lifepatch, which is an organisation based on citizens initiative working in the field of art, science, and technology through DIY and DIWO methods.
As same as Lucy, I’m also really looking forward to meeting you all at the retreat!

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Hoi Zäme

I’m Urs Gaudenz, founder of GaudiLabs and the last founder of Hackteria. I am looking forward to spending some time with you in the retreat.

[Retreat means a planned spiritual rest or retreat from the familiar environment. In natural sciences, the term describes a multi-day meeting of a scientific group in which, in addition to scientific exchange, social activities play a role. The aim is to promote the learning process and thus the interaction in everyday scientific life in a different atmosphere.] -

I am excited about the topics I see so far which are: Gasthaus (Hospitality and social activities), Wild Herbs (we are staying in the republic Glarus where Anna Göldi, an 18th-century Swiss woman, was the last person to be executed in Europe for witchcraft), Eco-Sonification and Sensory Perception.

I will be happy to share with you some of my latest work on sensing the very low light signals. And I will sure bring more fun ideas and toys to play with.

See you soon, from Lucern Switzerland,


Hi, I’m Zoe Romano based in Milan. I co-founded a makerspace 3 years ago in the city.
I’ve been always attracted by science but studied philosophy (with some exam in philosophy of science).
I recently worked on a DIY microscope following hackteria documentation and re-designed it to be included in one of my workshop with teenagers (which had to be introduced to digital fabrication).
Here’s some pics

I want to do more activities and I’d like to start a biolab area in my makerspace. I’m missing a biologist though. So when I was exploring the samples with the kids, I didn’t know how to explain what we were looking at :confounded:. (but the workshop was not long enough to spend too much time around the use of the microscope :wink:

I’m looking for funds (applied to eu funding) for a project around citizen science and female biology, and using the microscope as a tool to empowering women in taking their well-being more in their hands. I’d like to discuss about this topic and see if someone else is interested in collaborating.

I tinker on etextile and smart textile and with Giorgia and Laura (coming to the retreat too) we started a series of artwork based on etextile and reflecting on the way science has been studying and writing about the female body in history. this is the first work

Looking forward to meet you all and learn more about this field

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Hi all

I’m Servando, from Spain.
I’m into electronics, sensors, puredata, and now axoloti, an awesome open hardware platform with focus on high quality audio. Ideal for sonification of any kind of sensor input…
I also do music, soundtracks, jams, improvisations…
In a less geeky way, I’m into plant medicine, lucid dreaming, meditation and travelling non stop (being nomad for 3 years already)
Looking forward to meet you in Klöntal.

servando barreiro
[::° [O_O] o o o o:]

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Hi All,
I’m Yanwu Guo, from China, working in Basel CH.
I love biological sciences and trying to understand and discover more.
So I have been doing biohacking for more than 10 years :wink:
But I just registered myself with secondes ago, thanks to Urs.
With help from many people including Urs, We made a prototype of a low power small PCR machine with detector.
I would like to meet you all at Klontal and introduces you the project, and learn more from you.
see you soon,

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I’m Mirko, also from Berlin.
I worked in medical robotics and now I’m a hobo.
I organized meetings for (which is the awesomest site ever) 's readers:

I’m into game programming, electronics, math and into meeting cool people who are into cool stuff.

(I can’t find a PN function here, so: @lu_cyP I fly to Zürich on the 20th 8:25 in the morning with easyJet, if that’s your flight also we can meet up before!)

hei @mqnc, lucy arrives on friday. but we’ll be sticking around at the airport to wait for you.


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Awesomesauce! Thanks! I’ll have a white rose.

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Hey @dusjagr, @mqnc,
I will arrive at 12:20; may you can wait for me?

wait for what?
see Travelling instructions. take the train!

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@Björn: I will also have to take the train. But waiting for you would mean spending three more hours at the airport since my train leaves at 11:43 and yours at 14:43. I hope it’s ok for you to train alone. You’ll make it! I believe in you!

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we have been having many sessions around this in earlier meetings. see all the stuff within the Gynepunk context. @paulapin24 and @marymaggic, having a parallel event in Hangar, Barcelone these days.

there is a category on the wiki.


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Hello everybody, i am Coco and i am so excited to join the biohack retreat! I am not a scientist, so i am approaching this process from the artist side, as i have done several projects together with Maya and was curating the artspace at the hour of birth of the maya-kefir relation. (And ever since brewing kefir at my house).

I am a textile and installation artist, cofounder of (DIY and bringing people together in a playful mode- i just learned the term DIwO and it fits pretty well) and i am running an upcycling fashion label, named Romy Hood. My DIWO project for the retreat will be experimenting with dying textiles with things from nature/ kitchen compostibles. And also testing and getting advice from YOU, in using fermentation for this. I will bring a big pile of old cotton and linen sheets, some shirts, silks and a little bit of wool. Also i bring some toxic stuff. And then i will be experimenting and would love to have fellow dying experi-mates.

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This is very exciting :slight_smile:

I’m Adrian, from Bern (originally from savage St. Gallen so please don’t mind my foul language). I’m a fulltime webdeveloper, generally interested in everything digital (from code to subcultures), work as a research assistant at the ixdm in Basel and am generally interested in everything and more the intellectual type. I’m initiator and co-organisator of the ckster hacking festival in Bern.

I also love cooking and will bring some ferments; fermented hot sauce, sourdough starter, prune ferment water, some sauerkraut (for whey and tasting pleasure) and some unpasteurized prune-wine.

I’m looking forward to meet and chat with all of you! <3


I am Andreas from Munich. I founded erfindergarden a hackerspace/fab lab for teenagers last year and work with kids since 3 years and have now a group of about 25 kids and almost all fablabs tools. This summer we went to a 5 days zombie survival camp in the woods near Munich which got me really interested in hacking outside away from the computer. I plan to do a camp like this every summer holidays. I have not done anything bio since high school but iam interested to learn from you. I am also interested in building things, electronics, cooking, barbecuing. I will bring my drone for some air pictures and my mini cnc mill.

Hi everyone.

I’m Jukka Hautamäki from Helsinki. My main interest is with sound and electronics.
I do live electronics performances with my diy instruments. Setup is quite basic cmos stuff, coils, am-radios, fluorence lights etc. Beside live performances I also make media installations, and I have kept quite a lot sound electronics workshops, to all age groups.

I don’t really have so much experience of biohacking, but I’m curious to see what people are working with and it could be interesting to merge some of that stuff (example moss???) into my live electronics setup. I have made Marc’s diy microscope hack couple years ago, which I used in one installation.

I have experience of sound electronics, mostly cmos and op-amps, Arduino, MaxMSP, PD, Processing. I also work in small art & tech workgroup called Kruks, we just recent had “VR in art” workshop for media artists, and we have done some collaboration with Pixelache festival.

I’m not yet 100% what to fit in to my luggage, but at least some of the diy sound modules. I probably also take some components with me, ics and stuff.

If someone is curious of building diy radios (receiver and/or transmitter), that would be cool.

Really looking forward the retreat in Swiss mountains, thanks Marc for the invitation.

more info:

I’d love to have a look at making diy radio transmitter/receiver.

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i got some simple stuff. to send serial over radio. also the most simple fm transmitter.
maybe @bengtsjolen can bring some sbr stuff


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I‘m Julian – nomadic researcher/ex-academic/eternal student/informal teacher/etc. - currently mainly interested in fungi, microbes and phages. One of my projects - still at a very early stage - will focus on creative learning environments and public participation in science with emphasis on the invisible world (

Just came back from kayaking through eastern europe and didn’t prepare anything… but I’ll bring some stuff to play around and am sooo much looking forward to meeting all of you in the mountains.

What I’ll bring:

  • some starter cultures (sourdough, kombucha, whatever I can find)
  • phages
  • a wonderful old-school zeiss-microscope
  • some electronics (for incubator etc.)
  • agar, media, … whatever I can find

What I could bring, but hope is already there:

  • guitar
  • glassware
  • petri dishes
  • bunsen burner
  • some chemicals
  • arduinos, sensors, …
  • refractometer and other fermentation stuff
    (please comment what I should bring!!)

What I really need:

  • immersion oil (can’t find mine)
  • a culture of sharing (also microbes)
  • good conversations (kayaking was soo lonely)
  • dry red wine!!

see you soon :slight_smile: Julian