Art Science and Policy Examples of projects?

Hey everyone! I’m doing some research into how interdisciplinary art /sci projects intersect with policy - either critically or constructively. I’m particularly interested in projects where the results have influenced policy. Examples from around the world welcome - any tips?

Thanks! Kat


Hei Kat,
this message slipped my attention… How is your research developing? Any amazing insight sofar?

I guess in this recent book of more than 700 pages there might be some “policy indluencing” works.

And look… i found this link to download the book.

Hei Marc,

So sorry for the late reply. It’s been busy! I was teaching at RITCS Brussels for more than half of January and then got home to a mountain of other work. Standard drill.

I just checked the link and I think this is such a nice book. Thanks for the recommendation and thanks so much for the download link!

How are you doing? Is the thGAP progressing well?
I’m busy developing the work for my solo show in May and yeah, I got a few nice insights! This curious research keeps surprising me. I’m working on implementing Old English into quantum computing and on the same time building the setup for observations of minuscule sounds in a vacuum. In the long run, I am hoping to get to the quantum fluctuations observations (Casimir effect) but for now I’m still a few steps away from it. On the positive side, I got support from Crossing Parallels program of TU Delft - so my hopes are high that I’ll reach this goal by the end of this year!

Hope to hear and speak to you soon! And all the success with the work!


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Oh and I just realized @dusjagr you were responding to a different Kat! :sweat_smile:
Nevertheless, I appreciate the link and the miss-link!

“Science [is] a muse for the arts.” The arts is an oracle for science…?