Benefits and the hidden face of the maker movement: Thoughts on its appropriation in African context


Hi I am very excited to share with you my latest paper on " Benefits and the hidden face of the maker movement: Thoughts on its appropriation in African context" The paper is just released via LIIMC, a brazilian journal. . Feel free to share it and to adress critics


Greatest!!! Congratulations!!


Awesome Thomas congratulations!!


Very thorough and well writen, congratulations Thomas!! Will definitely use it as reference!!

I am still in favour of citizen driven labs at institutions such as museums, science centres, cultural centers, libraries, schools and universities, as long as they adopt DIY-maker culture ideas and models, away from exploitation and in favour of open source, creative commons and with the goal of bringing positive changes in citizens, communities and the environment.




yes Ricardo but for example our work as hackteria network was exhibited at
Paris and noone was advised, so you have also a hard work to do in curating
and don’t allow this weird things happen. still museum is a museum and
hacker space is a hacker space a pitty yes all divided .,., but is how it
is at the moment

if you found some opportunity to gattering and event let me know we have
some topics to explore ! !

your mail is hackteria discourse ?

ah !


Paula, Museums are Museums and Hacker spaces are Hacker spaces, no doubt. But we can all learn from each other, apply the good things and help each other, right?

You can find me on Thursday evenings at DIYbio Barcelona lab at Hangar. Let´s meet anytime.




You can meet me also in September, we work together to years for having the
diy Bio set there, actually there is a colaboratory that we grow together

But until September you will wait !!!

September the last residents are arriving
And we are working together to set the last event at the end of september
and who knows probably some curator is interested on the project but as my
experience relates… Do it your self !!! I mean I will like also to
perform horizontal curating if is the choice to do things at museum s




uhm … can somebody explain to me whats going on in this thread ? I feel some kind of tension but i cant put my finger on where it is coming from


Can´t wait!!! :wink:

See you in September!