Bring Your Own Book! ...and we make a library together


It’s been a tradition at these kinda gathering that we call out to everybody to bring at least 1 book of common or purely personal interest.

With such a great group of diverse participants this will lead to a super interesting collection of readings to have a temporary library setup during the retreat in Klöntal. There is something unique about a “physical” reading place with the people who brought the books present at the same time.

but of course… also you can put it on the wiki. such as this great collection of readings put together during HackteriaLab in Yogyakarta.



very good idea!

too bad I can’t join :confused:



you are with us virtually!


ooo I’ll add some books to the library!

I am with you in spirit in the Finish bogs :ghost:


Simple and brilliant.


Nice idea!!
I’ll take my favorite books!


I’ll bring “I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life” by Ed Yong


this one is another great read on microbes…
Who WE Are? Microbes the puppet masters!


I’ll bring this.


i will bring this

I already did a couple of projects and added some of my own.