Call for Zines for the Oki Wonder Library - And some tips on how to make/archive them

Nice all get togethet :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


I just realize… I’ve forgotten “BioMonstration” (French version), Free Art License 1.3, published in “Solidary Presence / Pænser Ensemble / Daring Together — Radical Care”. printed Books & pdf.
Ongoing english version here (if you would like to help me)

Hey All,

What’s up and new around Zines collection and production?

I am working (on some spare times) on Zines propaganda. Building a Pocket Wifi portal named “Wifi Libre Biohacking Zines” into ESP8266 NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)

So I will spread zines, thx to Hackteria Folks and wiki

I will share as soon as possible my set-up and source code (public domain : AGLP ; and Free Art License).

As it’s a 4MB storage, you’ll have to make light zines.

As it’s a local pocket wifi, it’s also a pretext to incite meetings / tap on the shoulder and have a drink.

To make propaganda in social movements and demonstrations.

So on and so forth

Any advice welcome <3

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We’re having a zinefest in happy happy Israel.

Here is a page from t.a.m.i upcomin zine

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