To our Participants who want to contribute remotely / globally

Dear friends,

Many of you have been in the loop for a long time to participate at Oki Wonder Lab, happening now in Okinawa. We are looking forward to an intense and creative temporary lab “hackteria style”: diverse, experimental, collaborative, locally rooted and globally connected.
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As we have nicely written in our description “In the past, Hackteria has been organising both carefully planned and/or spontaneous activities.”, it’s what we are good at :slight_smile: We have continuously adapted to the global pandemic situation, travel restrictions and personal changes of our invited participants. And we want to involve you all now, as good as we can, and as deep as you want.

We are in a unique location on the “isolated” island of Okinawa, an amazing and inspiring place connecting Japan, South-east Asia and the whole World. We have a small group of local collaborators, interesting venues and tools&toys to continue working/geeking/discussing.

We invite you all to continue our desired collaborations from wherever you are stuck, self-isolating, quarantined, wondering, thinking, dreaming. We can offer as much support from our side as needed., originally set-up as an online platform for documentation through the wiki, discussions in the global network through this forum, and long term friendships and collaborations can now totally continue with it’s visions of a “global village”.

How can you get involved?
Let’s just start thinking and adding ideas here…

How can we support you?
We do all we can!! (We might be 3 days offline on the remote island of Maejima, 5-7. April, only goats there… no humans, no 5G, no “wobbly matter”) @mirandamoss

Financial support of our participants that had to cancel their trip

YES!! Our financial budget for this event has always been relatively low and relied on loads of contributions, time, motivation by all of you. But still in the situation now, the expenses have been small due to less travel costs, less people for accommodation and food, etc…

So please get in contact with us, if you need support for your contributions remotely. Let us know what and how you want to contribute, if you need materials for some experiments in your own home, printing costs,… you name it. We will then do our best and see what we can do.


Hi All, sad I can’t be there but wanna participate any way I can.
My original goal to be in Okinawa was to film and document the event. So my main question is, does anyone there have film equipment?

Maybe we can do a remote collaboration documenting the event, then I can make the editing over here.

It would be great also if people doing remote kitchenlab experiments can also film themselves and send me the files.

I’m really curious about how to make this video documentation while everyone is remote, isolated, spread apart.

When is the next jitsi session?



I have some Marry san, I try to film with others first.

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Hi @marymaggic !
I reply to your question of yesterday here, yes it is a good idea if you set up some email place for people to send you the file, e.g. via …If it is a new gmail/protonmail acc with a shared password we could all long in and download the file, or you copypaste the download links here in the forum…

I will be hosting a Pixelache Zoom video conference call on Thursday 2nd April for the Kitchen Lab session. I will use my smart mobile device as the video recorder, and will save the sessions each hour direct from the Zoom video call feature. I will connect to the Oki Wonder Lab from 06.00am Helsinki time EEST, until around 17.00 EEST.

Welcome to join me using this Room ID during that time (it is a paid account):

So, question @dusjagr, Ryuoyama, do we practice the Kitchen Renga approach on 2nd or another day? See other related post in forum…

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Howdy, here’s an update from us at Dinalab in Panama:
Everything shut down pretty rapidly here in Panama, basically all stores, and all humans are in full lockdown (and you get a specific day you can go get groceries based on a weird system of passport number and enforced gender binary)

So one of the things we have been trying to do is see how fast we can make some face shields for the hospitals that have been asking for them here. The fastest design I’ve encountered after trying out some of them has been a modification of this one from this Georgia tech medical research group. The entire headbands just laser cut, you can you use regular acrylic, and I added some quick attachments for a foam headband for improved comfort, and because we can only source the eva foam sheets you find in the craft section of the grocery store here.

We also don’t have access to nice clear pet sheets, so we have been using 3 liter soda bottles

All files here

Other than that we have been doing some experiments with the backyard jungle agoutis and hummingbirds for some art+science projects


There has been so many amazing initiatives from people using their skills and energy to provide crucial and simple tech where it’s needed the most!
Been following similar discussion all over my connectivitiy. from my view-point, the simpler the more interesting, and on the facemask issue… too much 3-dprinting, while others published functional easy to make with household items. like referenced here:

we have another topic on this forum, that has discussed some of those. but also, many other online groups much more active than here in this forum.

Talking about cool zines @Hikinghack can you point me to your nice little “hacking the wild” leaflets to bring with us for our upcoming days in the wild next week?

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So I actually have an account just never really posted anything so far :stuck_out_tongue:
Be safe everyone out there!

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hello !
I.m thinking to do two interactions with Okinawa lab, First one is
based on your suggestion Marc and It will be arround mobile lab and
showing the implementations of the mobile lad CyanoVan (i.m suggestion
to do a documentstion fanzine on that topic also)and second is also
relate with sustannibilty and autosuficient spaces and labs topic can
be many here … but focus on a big Garden now … stay safe and
enjoid… glad to be surrounded and taking part of this network !
vive la resitance paris 2012

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okay here’s sth i got that might be worth doing, I could have a channel or a group chat for ppl that are interested in how Taiwan has so far successfully keep the curve below the line. I’ll share about not just the bright part of this epidemic fairytale but also the dark side of it, which is sth most of the foreign media will be too busy to gaze upon at the moment. Also I’d love to have questions, conversations, discussions from everyone so to know the differences between cultures reacting to such universal incident and to create new connections.

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Hoied mitenand,

I have been updating the wiki and adding more info about the changed schedule. But mostly adding all those additional participants, locally / remotely.

Send me info about your bio or a photo, so i can add it, or if you already have an account on the hackteria wiki, just add yourself.

hi there!
just adding a bit of stuff here, referring back to some research originally meant for a journalistic coverage. might be of interest for you as well, as it’s very much connected to the idea of ‘isolation’.

does it make sense to look at nature and biotopes/habitats as isolated entities at all? what would an ‘original’, untouched nature look like? i’ve come across the concept of ‘primärwald’ (primary wood), as it is called in german, wiki translates it to ‘old-growth forest’. here’s a list of such forests worldwide:

if you take the idea to the extreme, there is only very few of these ‘original’ forests left in the world, especially when it comes to intensely cultivated and exploited regions like europe (and japan, as well?).

according to some experts, there is no trace of ancient european forests left. to get an idea of what forests in these regions looked like before man started intervening, one has to travel to a very remote region in the north of iran.

still, we’re relentlessly trying to preserve some idealized state of pure nature, especially by fighting invasive species. funnily enough, some of the most hated enemies of nature in europe are of japanese origin, most famously the japanese knotweed. i did a bit of research about the situation in japan, which i’m happy to share here. the situation is interesting in the context of japan being an island and having quite a history of xenophobia…

this is happening pretty close to tokyo:

and could this be a solution?

would be happy to have your opinion on this!
wish you wonderful days over there,

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Halo Travel Meister,

Hope you had a safe journey back home! I tried to setup an account on Hackteria Wiki but didn’t find the right way to do it, so I’ll just send you my photo. The bio I have is wayyy too much posing for here so just say Haoshin Chang ( would be fine. Thanks!

Hej Meister,

Here’s my current bio, feel free to suggest anything: