Call for Zines for the Oki Wonder Library - And some tips on how to make/archive them

We started to collect, improve, re-edit and translate some of the zines that have been made over the years in the global hackteria network and friends. Thx for sending your most recent versions! @marymaggic, @paulapin24, @Aga, @agryfp_hack, @citrakirana.eli

So much nice material has already been produced, but sometimes hard to find on all those wiki’s, websites, gdrives or wherever they or on our old hard-discs. Following up on the discussion on archiving with @agryfp_hack and their examples of zines from fermentlab. let’s look at suitable file formats and how to archive them.

From what i learned now, it’s useful to make 2 versions of a fanzine:

  1. Original Version, Page by Page
    This can be easily looked at and read on screen, printed “normally” single sided if needed. Pages are ordered and numbered helps. Also this should be the “Main” origianl for later re-edits. Page format single side A5. Print tests for checking readability and font size. On Linux you can use Scribus or basic word processors.

  2. Printable booklet, double sided, short edge
    While some professional printers have directly an option to brint a “normal” file as a booklet, it’s also nice to provide a “ready-to-print” version as “Foldable Booklet” format. This can be totally confusing if you try to make it yourself. See info for example here. Luckily i just found a script to run on Ubuntu/Linux that can do it for you! When creating the double sided, double page per sheet version you have to choose “short-side”, which you will ALSO have to choose on the printer. Best to add this to the filename directly.

  3. Optional: Dedicated Cover sheet, single sided
    Could be nice to have an additional file only to use as cover. Can be the same as the first and last page of the zine. Can be printed on thicker or coloured paper, and to save some printing cost, maybe only this front cover can be printed in color (if needed at all). Even if you use a dedicated Cover Sheet, make sure the front cover is still also part of the files above! If you want to combine a complete file with a single Cover sheet, you have to add “empty” pages as the second page and the page before the back cover.

Scanning old hand-made fanzines
Another thing i just learned, that it’s best if you want to scan an old hard-copy printed fanzine, that you scan it page per page, as single linearly ordered pages. (Dont’ scan the double page or you will have to re-cut and edit a lot later)

Tools and Tips

Arranging pages from Original Pages to foldable Booklet with “pdfbook2” on Ubunutu
pdfbook2 ./out.pdf --short-edge --resolution=300 --outer-margin=0 --inner-margin=30 --top-margin=0 --bottom-margin=0

Resizing .pdf using “shrinkpdf” using Linux Ghostscript

General Info on making Zines with Open Source Tools

Currently Available in the Oki Wonder Library



Thanks to @Hikinghack Andy Quitmeyer’s amazing work and zines on Digital Naturalism, Contextual Crafting and so many more creative idea on “Hacking the Wild”. See all his publications on his website.

Was the perfect little reading material to bring to our camping trip and share it with the collaborators from CAMPO×こみゅとば.

Maybe we should consider to put them on too! So both the screenview and booklet printable version are available for future generations! Anybody volunteers as archiver?

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Aaahhh, almost forgot those beautiful booklets and zines from the students at Srishti, in Bangalore, working with Yashas et al. on IGEM from 2009 - 2012.

You can download them here:

I will make them ready to print and will search those original files to make foldable printable zines.
And they definately should go onto!!
Do we have a volunteer archiver?


hei guys

I also found the belove Foodpherking Fanzines which have been a great inspiration and real beauties in itself. I love those fanzines from Center for Genomic Gastronomy on food, technology and open culture, they have their latest issue on seeds. and what i love the moste they are under the creative commons licens. have a look here.

all best


Maya Minder


some pictures of the Food Phreaking issue 00, by Center of Genomic Gastronomy

Maya Minder

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During our “last” phase of Oki Wonder Lab,… (re)Locating, we are now in Oku, and doing some O®kiving. I took the time to re-edit and re-cut all the pages of the “classic” Hackteria Empathetic Taxidermy Zine, that we produced back in 2016 during pixelach festival. I only had this scanned .pdf file, and i think the original paper copy is hard to find. I had to re-cut all the pages, as they were scanned as folded open booklet, side by side, and this doesnt allow it to re-printed as booklet.

Easy. GIMP imported all pages, cropped the “canvas size” to 50% and exported each page individually, selecting the visible layer by layer. The same has to be done for all the left and all the rigth pages. Then merged it into a single page file with PDF mod, and shrinked it, as described on top of this topic.

Now there is 4 Files. That original scanned copy, a single page Cover, the A5 full screen view version and that booklet printing version (created with `pdfbook2). So i made an account on Internet Archive and also put it on the hackteria wiki.

Here my first entry to

I have choosen the following identifier für the .url

I think the viewer and the additional files will take some time to go through the server… stay tuned for more!

Hei hei all

Look what I found during my time of cleaning at home #stayhome

It is much promising to collect all of the fanzines collection. There is a much popular Fanzine Fair at Zurich, happening every November at the Kunsthalle Zurich. (Think global, act local)

There is no doubt about the urgency of keeping stuff opensource. The idea of privat and non-private data and what there is to do to counter it. To use the format of fanzines is just beautiful. It has been much populare amongst artist, punks and DIY- communities. I love to collect them and bcs of light size, they are easy to reproduce and redistribute, easly.

About the idea of collecting them on the, this is for sure a nice way to make them accessable in good quality for reproduction. Another nice idea would be to have a enlisting of the Fanzines on the hackteria wikis as well. what do you think? If wee keep on collecting them here on the forum, the wiki, there might will become a nice collection of all of them.

Thanks so much Andrew in bringing up the essence and life of the great archivars, making a reference here to Aby Warbourg’s Mnemosyne Atlas and the idea of collecting a very own perspective as a document of time. I guess everybody is in this current situation much aware of how personal datas get used and missused by govornment and giant companies, so lets contribute to create own archives.

All best


Maya Minder

Set up my Coconut Zines Design Center in Oku village, where we will be until end of this week.

We will spend the upcoming days / weeks documenting and archiving. It’s also the time for making NEW zines from our experiences here.

Reworking the “How to make Nata de Coco” booklet, thanks to the translations by @citrakirana.eli, @squaresolid and now in japanese by @Take

Also good opportunity to finally learn to use Scribus – Open Source Desktop Publishing, and be able to make proper printable layouted versions. Besides the paper / cut and glue versions that we are also doing.

Finally trying to understand this bleeding over the edges and other layout for print stuff… See the unfinished draft of the “Nata de Coco” book here.

I started a new page on the Hackteria wiki as portal to all those nice publications from and around the network. Just post links to your downloadable file here, and we can step by step add them to the page.

those in nice printable and archivable format, best to also upload to it’s fun!

Happy to have found those old little foldable zines from 2010, NanoŠmano and BioCyber Kidzzz again. mbe the “first” hackteria zines??

Amazing Meister Andy Q sensei has out them all up in archive! @Hikinghack

While some are little printable zines, others are 300 pages volumes of crazy intersting projects,

I put some links to them here

Give cookies and love to the archivers!

Working on a new Zine to summarize many of those workshops we have been developing and doing all over the world around the topics of hacking humans, super-power transhumanism crap, germline hacks… all have one thing in common: FUN!!!

See our preparations here. comments or contributions highly welcome!

More zines and old ones in new layout!!!

I am back in zine-makung craze modus here in Yogyakarta and preparing many new and old files, ready for print, upload to and aggregate links on the hackteria wiki:
Zines - Hackteria Wiki

And i will be presenting with our own table for the Global Hackteria Network at a local “self-publishing fair” happening in a squat in Zürich. More info here.

So send me stuff, and I can print it hear for reasonable prize and super quality… and we can offer them at reasonable prizes over there in fancy Zürich alternative scene.

Some of the newest goodies…

The little booklet by the Center for Genomic Gastronomy on the histoy of the “WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN BIOHACKERS” poster.

Relayoutet version of @paulapin24 zone on BioTransLab:

And digged out those old publications by ArtScienceBLR made during their IGEM participations 2009-2011.

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Impressive and wonderful and more than that <3

I’ll find a way (and budget) to print some here in France and offer these freely. Specifically @paulapin24 's version!!! I have not enough word to thank you!

Maybe (I’m part of this initiative to be honest), it will be cool to discuss if using this social network and “user” account (like Oki Wonder Library" P.S.: Éditions ( - LIRE.IM is an interesting option (we already published digital and printed books in english, french, spanish − Copyleft License, like ‘BioMonsrtation’ Chapter, so on and so forth).

about sending stuff and content:

  • What about trying to use GéGé, Geektionnerd Generator for some essays and draws?

  • Could I send you some very old illustrations from old scholar manual and books that encouraged biology “outside the box/walls”?

  • Would hand drawings of people discovering biohacking be as useful? Knowing that they are just pieces of paper and not zines

  • Is there a language restriction for this collection/needs?

Will you be at THX?

I will try to be there. A bit of uncertainty, while waiting for a baby :wink:
And you? Will you join THX?

I will join of course!
See u soon




Nice old movie.

THX here is much more about “Trans Hack eXperience / Trans Hack eXistence”. THX will happen from July 10th untill July 20th in Ozeraine (Eus) (see practical infos)


Transcriptions Zine (pdf)

A zine made by creative scientists who are trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming. Archived here