CONTACT: 20 Years of Pixelache - "Save the date" Announcement - Saturday 3. December 2022

Hei Hackteria Kitchen!
I am happy to say that we/Pixelache in Finland managed to get some Pro-Helvetia funds to invite Marc to our 20 years anniversary symposium & afterparty. The work you all do together will be represented & celebrated a bit, as well as recognise the challenges of DIY-DIWO.DIFR (Do It For Research) :wink: Wishing you all a good weekend. Greetings from Kitchen Lab Tarvo!

CONTACT: 20 Years of Pixelache Symposium / Looking Forwards <-> Looking Backwards
Saturday 3. December 2022.

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Kiasma Theatre (Museum of Contemporary Arts),
& after-party at Magito Studio, Suvilahti Cultural Complex,
Helsinki, Finland

CONTACT is a transdisciplinary symposium that weaves socio-cultural issues facing our eras, such as heritage, gender, pre & post-pandemia, sharing and exploitation in culture, oppression, isolation, and care. The event maps out these different aspects in 4 thematics – Archival practices, memory & data; Diversity, post-national & transcultural collaborations; Intersectional Feminism & practices; D.I.Y.-D.I.W.O. Community & associations – which combine and overlap within precarious life conditions, alternative resisting strategies, between reclaiming the present and imagination of the tomorrow we will face.

How does art, design, research and activism, in general cultural work - reflect and respond to contemporary crises? Can a cultural association hold space for activist and political practices?

Contact is a fundamental life condition such as spiritual, physical, cultural exchange and sharing, social struggling, diverse solidarity, and hospitality for coexistence.

Contact is a metaphor for closeness, for staying in touch, for encounter and exchange.

Contact is, as well, a method proposed to reveal silenced issues encountering racism, classism, nationalism, authoritarianism, and patriarchy. Through meditating and dialogue with diverse alternative practices. Contact and gathering, as a way to pool together structural and symbolic oppression. As a way to organize communal survival, struggle and cohabitation and the dominant political construction of social roles.

The one-day Symposium event opens up a public sphere for sharing and discussing critical dialogues through mediating different communities and alternative artistic practices. It will consist of a series of presentations, audiovisual performances, film screenings & an open-mic closing session including Pixelache members and audience. The symposium is co-curated by Soko Hwang, Irina Mutt, Andrew Gryf Paterson (all Pixelache association members).

Following the Symposium at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the audience is invited to Magito studio in the Suvilahti Cultural Complex for food and after-party, including live audiovisual VJ collaborative performance, DJ mashup mix and live folk music. Note the evening programme is led by ‘Looking Forwards <-> Looking Backwards’ & ‘Gathering of Elders 2002’ organising-duo Antti Ahonen and invited collaborator Jenna Jauhiainen; with the after-party event produced by additional Pixelache members Arlene Tucker and Mathilde Palenius. There will be more info about after-party in subsequent announcements.

Pixelache hosts this symposium to celebrate and reflect on 20 years of existence as a cultural association that has been constantly evolving in the context of local and global issues, and related communities of practice. Over 20 years the festival has developed from digital subcultures such as VJing & experimental interaction, to engaging participatory platforms, and in recent years, an ‘ache’ to re-engage with non-digital interfaces and systems. The association has also developed into a postnational and transcultural community of artists, cultural producers, thinkers and activists.


Full day programme: Symposium (@Kiasma) 10:00-17:30
After-party (@Magito) 18:00-00:00


Juha Huuskonen (Helsinki), Minna Henriksson (Helsinki), Željko Blaće (Pixelache Wikimedian in residence, Zagreb, HR), Giovanna Esposito Yussif (Helsinki), Ubuntu Film Club (Helsinki), Paula Pin (BioTRANSLab, Galicia, nomadic, ES), Marc Dusseiller (Hackteria Global Network, Zürich, CH), Eeva Berglund (Aalto University, Espoo-Helsinki), plus 2 others to-be-confirmed.

After-party performers to be announced in near future.


Full participant contribution & schedule details coming within 2-3 weeks.

Registration link for Symposium & Party events in next announcement.

Questions or expressions of desire for online stream: contact20years [at]