Fair Play for DIY science

Hey all,

We had a fruitful discussion around the issue of “how to get money” as a freelance biohacker, in other words - how to get fair pay as a DIY artist, biohacker, person…

Please add your notes from the session and any other comments for the future of such issue.

Fair play discussion

###Freelancing and funding for freelance advisers…

/* how to get money for stable spaces, but also money for freelancers to work in such spaces.

/* Rate for presentations and “what we do” and workshops, remove the artistic practice of being called by institutions that have “limited budget”, so limited money…stop this narrative

/* budget should be transparent

/* what we offer is viable 100 million (Biotopia) - how to present the work as valuable (brand as consultants?)

    1. building confidence that what is coming is having value
    1. are there mechanisms for being paid like his by institutions
    1. are they willing?

/* for this, create a manifesto, where SOP, rates etc. A manifesto that speaks from the community. Set the standard higher than a minimum

/* to point out the professionalism - a collective pro identity

/* GitHub -> DIY science