Discussion on sustainability of DIYbio spaces & community spaces

Hi all. There has been much interest in the different possible ways of sustaining your (lab) space over the last days. I’ll take the initiative to start the online conversation on the topic. We can also use it to document outcomes of the sessions on this topic later.

I’ll kick it off with the file of the presentation Massimiliano and I did today. Please also continue the interesting discussion that followed afterwards here :slight_smile:


Two questions to you all: how do you sustain your organisation/space? And how do you sustain your people?

@dusjagr reflecting on our talk about the situation when someone develops something, and then someone else turns it into something to sell. How do you repay the developer? We had a similar thing happen: a friend and I did some research and turned it into a workshop.

Yet her involvement in these workshops is limited and she has a well paying job, so we agreed to put the profit (revenue - material costs - wage for teacher = profit) in a fund. The fund is used for either education (free/cheap sessions for children), to invest in infrastructure (digital/physical), to invest in further research, … I like that way so far, although our practical implementation is creating somewhat of an administrative burden.