Genetic Monitoring of Mosquitos


I am interested in anyone doing work on ‘genetic monitoring’. I am interested in linking up with people who might be interested in providing guidance or in collaborating to work out what it might look like to piece together the first steps in creating a DIY low-cost process for collecting, preparing, analyzing and creatively illustrating mosquito genomes?

Ideally one day being able to develop an accessible/educational/artistic methodology for learning/monitoring how different interventions in ‘mosquito control’ might be shaping mosquito genomes?

But mainly in the short term: understanding what the current open source tools are that one might do this with?

Only then considering how they are defined and configured, and how these might then be socially embedded and reconfigured within different localities? Places where they could be used to begin to experiment with grounding access to and enabling creative interpretation of the microscopic landscape for people who live amidst mosquito control technologies.

This is intended as a creative/artistic endeavour, not an ‘authoritative scientific’ one per se :slight_smile:

Hey, hey!

I don’t really know much about this topic but would also be curious to learn about it (in case anyone can contribute).

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Started developing it. Early days but if interests you maybe a can help each other down the line?

Metabarcoding mosquitoes: MinION sequencing of bulk samples gives accurate species profiles for vector surveillance (Culicidae)est to you

Might be of interest to you.

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