Second MinIon food DNA sequencing workshop near Lausanne!

It is almost time for our 2nd workshop to sequence food DNA at Hackuarium with the teeny MinIon sequencer!

There are limited spaces, so make sure to sign up soon, if you are interested to join us!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hi from Zuirhc,

I would be actually interested in using the MinIon in general not specifically with MinIon. I have lab experience but not for sequencing. Moreover, starting at 9 is crazy considering the trip from Zurich. Are you going to repeat the event in afternoons?
Since you have the MinIon are you doing other “things”?

What do you mean? What ‘general use’ for the MinIon is there??
What do you want to do?

We are actually in the midst of talking about a later start time (and it would have been good to hear your opinion already)! However, going from food samples to results really is a full day in the lab, and an afternoon only would be a different workshop. Possible, certainly!

Thanks in advance for clarifying this…

Hi, I meant to sequence plasmids or other stuff (in my case data encoded into E.Coli, see other post).
I need some cheap sequencing, I am probably going to buy a MinIon.

Anyway, a realistic time is get to Lausanne by 11 but it is also a crazy day for me for other reasons. I forgo this time.


I am much looking fwd to come visit you guys. I will be traveling from Zurich as well. Alessandro maybe we can travel together by train?

In case of sequencing I am also much curious about the possibilities and was wandering if it helps to bring some ingredients. Like gmo corn, soy or white sugar in various brands.

All best


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If the workshop is taking a long time is there a possibility to stay over night?

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Hi, Maya and Ale!
The program I saw last had the workshop finishing at 4:30pm with Apèro, so you should be able to leave by 6, to get back to Zurich at a reasonable time.
Definitely in advance we can organise places to stay if necessary (Guy A, the GMO detective, stayed with me one night for the 5 year party)!! -> but this Sunday morning I have a vball tournament, with another early start, so its no go here…
Yes, you are welcome to bring some ingredients or food to seq! I wonder if they have tested sugar (the crystals might exclude DNA)…
In terms of the ‘cheap sequencing’ hopes, I really guess it is only cheap in the way home printers are cheap these days- you pay a significant amount for the consumables (for MinIon, the library making kits, allowing the bar-coding and de-multiplexing - the OpenFoodRepo team is documenting all of the costs, to calculate per sample expenses).

Finally, I think I found your post - this? *** I am working on reproducing this DNA Molecular Storage System and Transferring Digitally Encoded Information through Bacterial Nanonetworks:
Arxiv if you don’t have access

I am still playing with attaching plasmid to the Ecoli, but I am wondering about thow to make this thing more accessible from the ending part or reading the data, as it requires DNA sequencing.
Any experience in doing this not in DIY biology settings? Cheap sequencer? Alternatives?


*** sounds very interesting, but for what purpose ultimately? as a computer alt, wet work is tricky, imho! Also, the idea ordinarily is that you get plasmids into E.coli to grow a lot of whatever the clone is of interest - not sure about any sticking outside. (need to look into your refs still!) And nowadays to make a lot of a particular DNA, pcr is the easy way (and direct sequencing, one by one is 5chf a sample- outsourced to Germany). If you want to sequence many things at once, the flow sequencing tricks are amazing however! for further discussion!

love the chemotaxis idea, and that is something colleagues have worked on too, for biosensor studies - it is very bio and unlikely to work digitally and discretely as hoped for in the simulations. (bacteria run and tumble based on the direction their flagella spin - and in section 6 of the paper, it takes 72h for the bugs to bring the message across…)
anyway, again, glad you are interested and maybe another afternoon workshop will happen in the future!

see you soon, Maya! looking forward!