Hacking consumer products for biosensing

Dear all,

I am thinking about having a special issue of [Biosensors] (IF: 5.519, ISSN 2079-6374) that dedicated for "Hacking consumer products for biosensing". 

Anyone interested in this issue?



Yes, I am interested. Please tell us more about the projects you had in mind.

Hi Jlopez,

Thank you very much for your response. I found out that the "Hacking" paper got many download and top 10% attention of all publication documented:


The consumer hardware hacking also got 2021 European inventor award nomination:
Since I am invited as a guest editor of a biosensing journal, I think it could be interesting to have a special issue "Hacking consumer products for biosensing" to collect the latest hardware hacking based biosensing developments. I hope there are enough people interested in this issue. ;)

Would be cool if there is also people here interested in being guest editor. The journal is not top ranking, but we can do something interesting :D



Hi Edwin, I am very interested in such special issue. Would like to contribute with an article.

Great! That’s awesome!! :smiley:

Hi Edwin,

This sounds like an awesome idea for an issue. I currently help run a community biology lab in NYC and we have some projects that might fit this criteria. We are a non profit and not associated with academia so would you consider accepting a paper from us.

Also, do you have a time frame for when you would need papers ?

Hi Jlopez
Thank you! I know those journals’ tricks to get more papers published in their platform. But this is a good chance to get something we want. I believe your research will be cool to publish.
The journal let us to decide the time frame. I am thinking about July 2022, what do you think? :slight_smile:



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Dear all
Thank you very much for your feedback about the special issue: Hacking Consumer Electronics for Biosensing.
Hacking consumer electronics for biosensing is an unorthodox approach, which might be more complicated than using standard research-grade parts. However, leveraging the billions of USD invested, mass-produced, high-quality, and low-cost components in consumer electronics leads to many benefits, such as higher performance, shorter time-to-market, and lower production cost. This approach has resulted in high value-adding technologies/patents and has given birth to startup companies easily.
The consumer electronics hacking-based publication generally attracts more attention and citation than a regular research paper due to the low cost and because off-the-shelf consumer electronics are easy to access from well-funded for resource researchers worldwide. This Special Issue is to honor your hacking work, and we wish to build up a consumer hardware hacking community that can give birth to the world’s first scientific journal for consumer electronics hacking based research.
All the biosensing researches using consumer electronics as core parts of the sensor are welcome!

Here is a link for more details: