Invitation to contribute to publication

Hello Hackteria,

I write to you after writing with Mark Dusjagr, with whom we had the chance to meet few years ago in Spain.

I am projects coordinator at the DARE Network for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe. We are currently preparing a publication on “the digital transformation of society” as an introductory text for all before a toolkit on the educational part.

One of the chapters tackled is the digital self, and I come to you to ask if there would be interest in contributing with an article tackling this field from the perspective of biohacking. In which direction? I know far less than you do about what would be more relevant and interesting, so for sure we would follow your proposal :slight_smile:

I believe it can be very informative and a good first contact for educators in different fields who can identify a new area for their students.

Would this sound interesting for you?

Looking forward to your answers and wishing safe and healthy times,

let me know if i can be of any help here, @dusjagr!

Thank you for the answer, your contribution would be great.

What topic do you consider would be more interesting to focus on? I could come back with ideas based on that :slight_smile:

will discuss with @dusjagr and get back to you shortly. what’s the time frame for this, btw?

Hello, we aimed at having it by middle of May ready for feedback from the publication editor.
And we can also have a meeting before to shape any elements or approach if wanted (proposed support, no interest in influencing the intended message)