HiSeq Picture Thread

We need to collect some pictures for our creative funding application. We have the original bright field pictures on the wiki:


@mamaya also sent me these newer ones @gaudi made. (What’s in these ones?)

And some nice ones from the photo competition, mostly of some sort of algae:

(higher resolution)

If anyone has any more pictures please post them below!

Hello everyone, this is my first microscope art 10 years ago ))) but via a simple microscope, no electronic device…

BTW, anyone plays with lensless microscope before?

Hey Kasper!

I am a silent reader in the Global Hackteria Network and just read your e-mail. mariadegand.art is my website, I have a couple of microscopes and would love to donate you some pictures. My last project was about microplastic, so I have a lot of those.

If you would like something specific, I could provide that :wink: . (I have some algae somewhere)

Good luck!


Thanks everyone, I am mainly looking for pictures made with these specific machines right now: the HiSeq2000 and HiSeq2500. I like the other pictures too but that’s what I am looking for right now.

Mouse spinal cord section stained and imaged with the HiSeq2500. The names are different proteins targeted with primary antibodies and then fluorescently lit up with secondary antibodies conjugated with fluorophores.

Mouse 4i Images

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