HiSeq2000 - Next Level Hacking


Are you sure about the truncation? Mine looks OK on drive and the one on github seems OK too.



That’s just the forum notifying us about truncation of the preview window it added.



I just had a look at adding the slides using Slideshare.net, it’s really a pain since I don’t want a LinkedIn account (they are really annoying about “real names” and “real emails” and then they spam your email).

I tried again to add your existing Slideshare links but it just says “We could not find anything to embed using this address.”. I thought you picked out some nice images though. We can actually add multiple images instead of a slide show so we should probably do that.



Making them public seems to have fixed the problem. I’ve put he slideshare links there since I did them but, yes, pictures would be fine. I’m easy.



hoi zäme,

this thread of the reseq topic grows and grows… maybe it makes sense to create a dedicated category for it? and then you can add different topics under it. maybe easier to follow, also for new people joining the discusison.




@dusjagr seems like a good idea

@gaudi are you available this week sometime? can you fill out the doodle please?



Sorry to @jmarkham and @bengtsjolen, @gaudi was busy this week. Let’s find a time next week.



Doesn’t look like we have everyone on board yet to schedule. @mamaya you only had time today?

Here is an (editable) agenda: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/reseq_meeting_2



I could send in some other dates but yes let me know when you all set schedule and I come as well if it fits. (next week better than this week)




@mamaya, we really need to do it this week. If you add your availability now to the times which already have 4 votes, i.e. tomorrow or Thursday morning, then we can lock it in.



ok then me drop out, I will support you remotedly, you can do it!

Maya Minder



@mamaya :frowning_face:

I have locked in 12:00 PM (midday) UTC on Thursday 21st. Put it in your calendars!



Sorry for the delay here. I have updated my profile and read through all the material on wemakeit now. Reads good I think apart from what @jmarkham pointed out before as well: However funny it is, should it really say “Those who give less than €100 will receive a pdf of the certificate daily by email until they pay the difference.”? Also all the slide shows are a bit buggy here, the last 2 showing the same slide twice at the end and then rendering slides on top of each other sometimes. And where is the video?



@bengtsjolen, the weaponised reward was never meant to go in! Now that we have decided on rewards we can put in something sensible. The slide shows work for me but clearly there are issues so let’s just swap in pictures extracted from them. @kaspar, are you happy to do the final edits? We must be perilously close.



I took the weaponised reward out. Here is the proposal for rewards (worked out by @gaudi). Seems good to me. Let me know if you see any issues with it.

Price (CHF) Limited to
A big thank you. 5 no limit
A link to your website with your name in the supporters section 25 no limit
Top level thanks in the project credits 100 15
Big Logo on website and in the About / Splash page 500 5
Paper Project Sponsor Certificate + Big Logo 1000 5


I changed the slide shows to just images (does that work better for people?).

We still need:

  1. Confirm rewards above (do we want to add some kind of “join us on a call” reward? )
  2. Bank details (@dusjagr)
  3. I need to scan my passport and confirm my identity
  4. Add details of what we will spend the money on to the text


Looked at the campaign page, thank you @kaspar for the login. Looks good. To consider:

  1. In the text it says “everyone who contributes will receive a thank you and have their name displayed in the start-up screen of the HiSeq plugin.” but this is different from the reward (no mention of link in the “thank you”, and it says “about page” not “start-up screen”…
  2. Would love to get a logo not just a link for the +1000$ donations :slight_smile:
  3. Would it be good to mention GOSH and Hackteria in the text as our networks? (Makes it easier to promote the campaign too)




@gaudi, regarding 3, I moved the text about GOSH and Hackteria to the FAQ to reduce length but feel free to put in a reference.

A very Melbourne story - cycling home from work today in opressive 39 degree heat, I opted to ride on the footpath, where there was shade, and to take off my helmet which was sweaty and unpleasant. Two policewomen on bicycles outflanked me on the road and stopped me to give me a $200 fine for not wearing my helmet.



I really wish you a great start with the wemakeit campaign!!
Met more interesting people in the Bay Area that hopefully can help us spreading the call for donors!


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I made some smaller edits with people’s suggestions and submitted it for approval. It should launch on the 12th of March. Get your announcement emails ready!


  1. In the text it says “everyone who contributes will receive a thank

Oops, still need to edit that before launching (can’t edit right now).

  1. Would love to get a logo not just a link for the +1000$ donations

I couldn’t see what you mean. It says:

A nice printed project sponsor certificate as well as a big logo of your company or institution on our website and your name and thanks embedded into the software about section.

  1. Would it be good to mention GOSH and Hackteria in the text as our networks?