What about that "Juhhhuuu" topic on this forum?


happy to see this project getting more support!

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Thanks @dusjagr! Super happy as well! I need to get the ball rolling with but have been very busy.

@gaudi, what if I book a visit to Gaudilabs 5th of June to 12th of June so I can get started and make sure the remote setup is working well enough (it’s been too long since we set it up)?

Hei Hei @karpar soon there is the Erfinderwoche at ANYMA the best Fablab in Switzerland (reciting @dusjagr) happening, so peeps are gathering during this occasion. Its located in Fribourg and there is plenny of space to stay druing that week. maybe a good hint to do some deep geeking session. @gaudi

Maya Minder

I’m excited to hear that balls are rolling (@tboysen, are you getting updates on this topic?). Regarding the Essential Open Source Software for Science funding, is anyone interested in applying? I am going to apply for another project but there’s no limit to how many projects you can apply for. The closing date is 1/10/2019. The Essential but worries me slightly - that make it sound like commonly-used utilities. I was going to try and address that by seeing if we could get MM on board and then present it as an extension of a larger project (which , in essence, it would be).

Regardless of the above, if we get something going I would like to write up an application note for biorxiv and beyond (maybe PLOS Biology or, failing that, PLOS One). I think this is important for promotion. It also helps me justify taking up space and resources at work!

I might be getting ahead of myself here, but has anyone given any thought to facilitating re-seq adoption and the practicalities of use outreach/educational uses? I imagine this is more the area of you guys, but for schools to host one of these things, I imagine interested staff would need a way of incorporating a re-seq into their curricula and would need resources on how to use/fix/modify it.

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yeah! Zucki money!! sounds reasonable.

Looking forward to get my ReSeq up and running again.
@kaspar 5th of June to 12th of June would work for me. By then I should have a new room ready to properly install everything.


Great, I’ll book my flights!

When is it exactly?

Flights are booked! :airplane:

I wish mine were! Well done.

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5th to 12th works for me as well

best wishes


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How’s it all going? Do you need any input from me at all?

I wanna remote into my machine here and thought I should look into security:


@kaspar are you using rdp or VNC? If VNC, can you tunnel in through ssh and only put the VNC port on localhost? Possibly you are doing so already. I’m no expert on security I gotta say. I’ll leave that to uber-nerds (@tboysen!).


I can’t remember @jmarkham, mostly @bengtsjolen set it up. Will have to make sure to have a working setup before I leave Switzerland again though.

Yes, you can bind VNC to localhost only and then tunnel in with ssh to
connect there.

For this add “-localhost” to the vncserver arguments on the machine you
want to remotely use and then you can establish the tunnel on the client

ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 -N -f -l [USER] [Server-IP]

at least if the server has a IP accessible from the outside. If the
machine is at home behind a Broadband router you have the configure a
port forwarding in the router, it’s best to use a “high” port like 47356
because this way you have not so many kiddies “trying” your ssh. Then
you have to define the port at the client with the -p option. You can
bind the sshd to a high port in the beginning. |||Even if there are no
other services running always activate firewalling (iptables) to prevent
that you accidentally open some service.

It’s also possible to create a complete unobtrusive remote access with
a reverse shell to even connect to machines behind firewalls, that is
lying dormant until triggered by an encrypted email to an account the
server checks on a regular basis or a flag placed on a web server
outside. But these solutions can be a violation of rules for example in
firewalled environments at work.

I can send you the complete list of steps to provide a secure and low
profile remote access via private mail if needed.