What about that "Juhhhuuu" topic on this forum?



happy to see this project getting more support!

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Thanks @dusjagr! Super happy as well! I need to get the ball rolling with but have been very busy.

@gaudi, what if I book a visit to Gaudilabs 5th of June to 12th of June so I can get started and make sure the remote setup is working well enough (it’s been too long since we set it up)?


Hei Hei @karpar soon there is the Erfinderwoche at ANYMA the best Fablab in Switzerland (reciting @dusjagr) happening, so peeps are gathering during this occasion. Its located in Fribourg and there is plenny of space to stay druing that week. maybe a good hint to do some deep geeking session. @gaudi

Maya Minder


I’m excited to hear that balls are rolling (@tboysen, are you getting updates on this topic?). Regarding the Essential Open Source Software for Science funding, is anyone interested in applying? I am going to apply for another project but there’s no limit to how many projects you can apply for. The closing date is 1/10/2019. The Essential but worries me slightly - that make it sound like commonly-used utilities. I was going to try and address that by seeing if we could get MM on board and then present it as an extension of a larger project (which , in essence, it would be).

Regardless of the above, if we get something going I would like to write up an application note for biorxiv and beyond (maybe PLOS Biology or, failing that, PLOS One). I think this is important for promotion. It also helps me justify taking up space and resources at work!

I might be getting ahead of myself here, but has anyone given any thought to facilitating re-seq adoption and the practicalities of use outreach/educational uses? I imagine this is more the area of you guys, but for schools to host one of these things, I imagine interested staff would need a way of incorporating a re-seq into their curricula and would need resources on how to use/fix/modify it.

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yeah! Zucki money!! sounds reasonable.


Looking forward to get my ReSeq up and running again.
@kaspar 5th of June to 12th of June would work for me. By then I should have a new room ready to properly install everything.



Great, I’ll book my flights!

When is it exactly?


Flights are booked! :airplane:


I wish mine were! Well done.


5th to 12th works for me as well

best wishes