[(in)Residency hosting] residency with free accommodation and no lease payment

Hi All,

I hope you will not think about advertisement, or at worst a scam.

Well, it’s a real friendly offer, or gift-giving I would prefer to say.

In short:

This offer is for :

  • Bioartists

  • Amateur biologists

  • DIY Bio enthusiasts

  • Biohackers

  • Investigators (in the sense described in Exposing The Invisible)

  • Researchers who recognize themselves in our approach

  • Authors of Science Fiction

  • Artists working on the themes of environment, life/living things, biology, fundamental rights,

  • Artists working on criticism of science and technology

  • People who contribute to public wikis under free license

All information, “rules”, description, contact are in the wiki here. And if you need or want to discuss about this stuff (or anything else), feel free to ping me.

Hope to read you soon.