OPEN CALL: Bamboo Curtain Studio - Taipei

Another interesting and very broad call for residency in Taiwan, at the Bamboo Curtain Studio, outside of Taipei. From plant artists to chefs or art administrators :slight_smile:

Deadline: 17.November
Duration: 2 months in 2020

They offer a beautiful place to live and work, aswell as a medium range stipend to cover other living costs.

  1. We especially welcome applicants working in the area of cross discipline, ecology and environment, and community engagement projects.

In Art We Trust is the theme chosen to celebrate Bamboo Curtain Studio’s 25th anniversary. We trust because we believe in art. Here we would like to invite artists in all fields, be it visual art, performing art, interdisciplinary art, sound art, or bio art, and all kinds of arts practitioners, be it curator, art critic, arts administrator, architect, designer, plant artist or chef, to join us in talking about network, action, diffusion and impact.”