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Biohacking, DIYbio, Citizen Science, Environment, Open Collaboration, Workshops, Field trips, Fermentation, Wild Herbs, Food Hacking, Biosensors, Democratization, Transdisciplinarity, Reflections.

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Brief Introduction
In cooperation with, the artist Maya Minder invites people from the international biohackers scene to stay in the Klöntal (Alpine valley in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland). Scientists, hackers and artists meet for the development of ideas and open exchange. Biohacking is an open science movement that tries to make science more accessible through a playful approach to biology and the life sciences. Public workshops in the temporary laboratory provide insights into the subject matter. Under the guidance, simple Do-It-Yourself lab devices are built and speculated by experimenting with living organisms and food via alternative bio- and food technologies. This has partly utopian potential, in contrast to commercially motivated research and offers easy access to complex research topics.

Sep 20-24, 2017 – Retreat @ Klöntal
Sep 26, 2017 – Klöntal goes Dock18, Zürich
Sep 25-27, 2017 – Documentation Sprint @ electronnes - Women, Art & Tech Festival, Zurich

Biohack Retreat Klöntal is part of the Klöntal Triennale 2017 and a collaboration between Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria (Maya Minder) and Hackteria I Open Source Biological Art (Marc Dusseiller).

Schedule in Progress…!

arriving in the valley of Klöntal, setting in, getting to know eachother, start hacking and discussing, cook and eat, sleep.

going out for hikes, field trips, exploring the surroundings, investigating the fauna, and coming back to the house inspired and

10 am - open end
Minimal Perception
In a world of sensory overload we want to explore the most weak signals. According to a [Nature paper] the human eye can see a single photon, a single light quantum. During the last month Urs has started exploring this exciting world and will share his findings about glowing crystals, chemiluminescence and the secret of the moonmilk. The workshop will take place in the complete dark and participants can reference their low light seeing level with a single photon detector and the newly developed photon gauge.

10am - open end
OpenLab Klöntal. Inspect your micro-organisms. Ongoing science lab with DIY micrcoscopes and 3D printer, iron soldering and biomaterials.

10 pm - Live Set with Nicola Kazimir and Barbir les Points

FRIDAY, 22th
experimenting, collaborating, hacking, listening, jamming, dancing

3 pm
Paradise Garden - The Return, Workshop with I-Chern Lai
The Paradise Garden Workshop envisages as a way to discuss people’s notions towards environment, and the idea of perfect nature. In this workshop, the participants defined the qualities of their ideal environment – the ‘paradise’ – and using plants, stones, soil and materials found in surroundings to present/ built those qualities in their miniature gardens. Through the process of creating an artificial- natural environment, we looked back at the history of eastern (Chinese and Japanese) and western landscape/ garden making, shared our idea about nature and landscape making/ designing and reflected on today’s approaches in environmental design.

10am - open end
OpenLab Klöntal. Inspect your micro-organisms. Ongoing science lab with DIY micrcoscopes and 3D printer, iron soldering and biomaterials.

Live Set - by ZOV -

experimenting, collaborating, hacking, listening, jamming, dancing.

10 am
10 pm (second part)
Echo of the Lake // PTzN
Soundscape and listening Workshop with Pei-Wen Liu and friends
Despite all the visible influences on the ecosystem of the region, once again we will take a walk around the lake to investigate how sound echos towards the surrounding and how other sounds come through the lake from different aspects of human activities. During the field research, we would record synchronised tracks of four, of each a different angel. Listening Workshop will be divid into two parts : 1. Approx. 45 mins) What is an echo in the nature environment? We will listen to various of soundscape examples of field recording and its manipulation. 2. Approx. 45 mins) Field Research of “Echo of the Lake” Klöntal.

12 am
How To Eat (Almost) Anything - HTEAA global/local
How To Eat (Almost) Anything with Masato Yamashita and Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr was initiated as a response to various discussions in Fablab networks on how to integrate more biology into digital fabrication laboratories, how such courses and workshops can be developed to be open, shared and inspiring, educational methods and kinda a critique to the HTGAA (How To Grow Almost Anything) Academy offered by MIT et al.

4 pm
DIWO-DIWU | Dream It With Us
Make your own Dreammachine! BrainHacking and Reflection Workshop with I-Chern Lai and Mirko Kunze.

EcoSonifiers United!
Sonification is a technic to transform information or perceptualized data into non-verbal sound. shortly speaken we will bring nature to soundzzzzzz. with Servando Barreiro, Vanessa Lorenzo, Jukka Hautamäki and you. The goal is a collaborative performance to show results in the evening.

10am - open end
OpenLab Klöntal. Inspect your micro-organisms. Ongoing science lab with DIY micrcoscopes and 3D printer, iron soldering and biomaterials.

SUNDAY, 24th
waving goodbye, cealning, reflecting, packing up

Sounds dashing. I’ll come if you’ll have me , so sign me up :wink:

maybe we can play with the chicken mushroom or something like that

Hello I’il come with Vanessa L.


We are now starting to make some notes here

hello I can make it I will be at Hangar working with Mary ( she go to be
also at boston ) and Ryan hacking hormones but we are open to make remote



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Dabei! will be there 20 -24 Sept

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this means you “can’t”? let’s try to set up a remote virtual channel to wherever you will be!

We have step by step updated information on the wiki.

Please make sure you keep informed about what to expect and feel free to ask if you need something.

We have now made a little info brochure. check it out!
BHR17_GUIDING-INFOs_&links_.pdf (923.5 KB)

See also the travel instructions here on the forum:

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