Looking for feedback on Applied Myco-Wiki idea

Hi all!

I’m playing around with trying to starting a wiki/forum focused specifically on applied mycology (with collaborators, not just me) that would be both a repository of techniques, practical how-to instructions, scientific articles and discussions, and a forum for people to connect and collaborate, share live cultures and ideas, and so on. Sort of like a the sites Shroomery or Mycotopia but different in that 1) the focus is practical technical application (not cultivation; not psychoactives); 2) it would be intentionally international, ideally with volunteers to translate pages into Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.


1 - Are there are other sites that already do this? Like, do you feel that you use this site for that? Or Biofabforum.org?

2 - What features would you be most excited to see on it? What would you use it for?

3 - If you are interested in this idea, would you be up to possible talking to me about it over Zoom or taking a survey or something? If I move forward, I want to get a really good sense of what people would use it for, what need it would fill, etc.

And please feel free to say, “I don’t think I would use that” (and include reasons if you feel like it)!

Thank you in advance for any and all input. This is very tentative at the moment. I’m doing a presentation on DIY mycology at the Mozilla Festival in March and I’m thinking of introducing this as an idea at the end in the hopes that some programmers will come forward to help with it.

Thanks all!


hey Joanna,

sorry for the late reply, i think this is a great idea ! i’m not at all a programmer but i am an amateur mycologist and i think having a place to talk about applied mycology outside of the “actives”-oriented forums would be awesome. i do feel like experimental/advanced/low-tech cultivation techniques can be important for food justice reasons and can be tied into applied mycology, ie. spent fruiting blocks are used as spawn for mycoremediation projects, so i’m a little skeptical about barring cultivation topics from such a forum. i’d be down to chat on zoom sometime if this is still something you’re interested in