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Oh, hi there, and happy #FungalWeek23!

Why is it that fungi get just a little attention in real life and in medical care, but a lot of bad rap in fiction?

Well, not sure we will be able to find an answer, but join us for our live 🍄 FUNGI BOOK CLUB 🍄

Where? Live broadcast on Twitter (X) Spaces - you can listen and ask questions
When? On Thursday 5 October at 11 am ET (New York) / 4 pm UK (London) / 5 pm CEST (Amsterdam) / 10 pm WIB (Jakarta) / 11 pm SGT (Singapore)
What? We will chat about five fungal short stories. Join us, listen in, and participate in the discussion!

Who? Not only myself (thank God) but also the awesome Jo Verran (@JoVerran, Manchester University / Bad Bugs Bookclub) & Fiona Veira-McTiernan (@fionavmct, FEBS and fellow fungi aficionado)
Why? Because fungi are awesome
Yeah, right. But why? The live chat will be held in occasion of #UKFungusDay on 7 October
Link to join:
Full details in this thread:

So what? Do reach out if you want to receive the five short stories as Pdf to prepare ahead of time!

Flyer: Available here.

On a slightly related note, there are more and more artists working with fungi. If you are one, or if you know someone who is, perhaps you care about adding yourself to or sharing this 🍄 FUNGAL ARTIST OPEN DIRECTORY (FAOD ) 🍄

The directory has three scopes:

  1. To map the worldwide community of fungal artists
  2. To provide visibility for artists, and to allow them to establish new collaborations and get new assignments
  3. To share resources helpful to artists and all fungi aficionados

It takes only a minute to add your details, and you can share as much (or as little) as you want! Be aware that the directory is shared openly online.

Please feel free to share as widely as possible. I really hope this directory will be as broad and inclusive as possible. Any fungal form, any art form, any experience in the arts are very welcome.

Link to the Google Form.

Link to the Fungal Artist Open Directory.

Thank you for your attention if you read until here. I appreciate you. Feel free to reach out for any questions.

Fungal love,


Dr. Corrado Nai (he/him) – Writer / Microbiologist / Father

Farewell (short story) for FUNGI Magazine (Summer 2023)

Science, Fiction, and Fungi: What The Last of Us Gets Right (essay) for (March 2023)

Putrescence and Poetry (movie review) for Small Things Considered (March 2023)

The Essential Fungal Library for all Lovers of Fungi (work-in-progress) on my Medium page


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