💵 Money stuff

Hey all,

@dusjagr has transferred me CHF 9000 from Hackteria’s accounts. I was able to keep the balance in CHF by getting a Revolut account.

I’ll be posting updates to the balance in this CSV so people can keep track of spending. Current balance is CHF 7274.23. If anyone wants to claim any expenses from the initial travel or otherwise, please let me know.

I paid myself some money for my own time calculated at CHF28 an hour. Note however that I won’t be charging that rate for all my work. I see this as more of a fixed fee kind of contract, i.e. we will deliver a working Micromanager device adapter/plugin in exchange for the total donations. I just needed some way to calculate the initial payment to myself.

No worries. I’m gonna be in Spain some time in September so potentially I can visit for a couple of days and work on some stuff. No money need change hands for that though, it’s more for fun. Are you gonna be around then Urs?

I think we could do another session with all that money, good luck, golden rain!



Maya Minder

The dilemma of open source and sustainable funding to naintain it.


Thanks Marc. I’ve posted it on our work slack. There’s tools developed by the lab I’m in
(https://github.com/PapenfussLab/) that have now been used to analyse tens of thousands of patient samples at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and which we give away for others to use. Unfortunately that process is hampered by the lack of support for all the software life-cycle stuff that doesn’t look like research. This is a shame for those tools which are best-in-class because the barriers to adoption mean that patients elsewhere are not able to benefit from them. Possibly this is just an example of a more general problem where eternalities due to open source and sharing activities are not fully exploited due to insufficient resources being devoted to reducing “friction” (to steal another economics term).