OPEN CALL: konS Platform "NEW ART PROJECTS", up to 15k€

Here another call from our friends in Slovenia:
Deadline: 20. December 2019

productions of contemporary investigative art

Application is open to Slovenian and foreign artists and artist groups active in the above-men-
tioned fields.

• artistic thematization of life sciences (biology, evolutionary biology, biotechnology,
synthetic biology, civil pharmacology, non-institutionalized medicine, and others)
• artistic thematization of artificial intelligence or machine learning, deep learning,
reinforcement learning, neural networks, etc.
• quantum computing, quantum mechanics, quantum biology, etc.
• signal processing (telecommunications, space radiation, light, sound, etc.)
• robotics (zoo robots, anthropomorphic robots, functional and non-functional robots, social
robots, etc.)
• tactical media (privacy, security, ethics, civilian anti-weapons, etc.)
• bioacoustics, acoustic ecology, etc.

As kinda expected… the deadline is pro-longed until 8th January 2020.
(who wants to go through all the applications anyway over xmas :slight_smile: )

Also, LACMA just released their call for 2020, due Feb. They offer up to 50k.

had to look up what is LACMA… cool Los Angeles!!

but… they should hire a web programmer first.

You have to click on the scrolling text… lol

Hi everyone!! Happy new year :slight_smile:

Tosca Teran
The transformation of myth into matter
Twitter/Insta: @nanopodstudio @MothAntler
Soundcloud: nanotopia/sets/midnight-mushroom-music

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