Reflection on Research Project Participation in Decision Making by Members of DIY Communites

beyond the review. this is a great opportunity for all of us to study and reflect on earlier experiences, discussions and specifically what was implemented and came out here.

we also put together an overview of this collaboration with the HSLU research project on the hackteria wiki:

i tried to summarize a bit how this all came into being. see further down on the wiki under “Preperations and history of application, call it Phase 0”
as we kinda knew about this being on the horizon also during the preps for biofabbing we hoped to have this research team already involved, but then it turned out to get started a few months later. but so many overlapping interests and also kinda different focus more on the industry - community relation.
see other posts on Fair P(l)ay.

so beyond the review of that report, we can really also write more and reflect again. summarize our discussions from the last 2 years.

mr dusjagr