Reseq 2 RamanSpeq mod?

i don’t know if that’s even an interesting idea. just came to my mind talking with a friend…
having such a nice optical setup in the machine.

You have an optical bench but I don’t know enough about RS to know how much would be needed to modify the scope.In particular it’s not a confocal scope. I’m keen to do something that utilises the temperature control and fluidics on the stage. With a little bit of clearance and a custom slide (plus CO2 and humidity control) you could do some live cell imaging (I have a student designing a custom adaptor slide now and will post the details once done). With the fluidics and temperature control you could do some molecular biology and get a read-out using the scope like a plate reader. In my dream world, this is controlled via device adaptors in micro-manager.


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