Soil Geeking ideas


@manuel, I have tested the system with Termite on Windows. It supports time stamps and logging. But really, that chamber system has never been actually used. What I meant is that I am happy if I have a system that produces meaningful numbers that I can somehow record for further use. Automatic visualization is etc is very nice, but with chamber data plenty of numbers are needed in order to produce one number that has meaningful interpretation.


@Pannu we are sitting kind of in the same boat with what we are doing in our lab research, we are in general collecting data without having yet a model established, this means for our reflectometer for instance that we calibrate and store raw values. Later we go back to our data and make sense of it and apply some nice visuals etc.

What is usually quite helpful for us is take a look at the raw data we collected with some sanity checks so we instantly know if something with our sensor or method is off.

Here for instance what I am displaying for my soil moisture test soil resistance via capacity.

Or here a soil C measurement for determining total carbon contents Soil Reflectance and here the underlying raw data values data.json.

We basically use the Android app to store the raw data and have it later available via CSV from the API, it is kind of a helper to not have tons of files and some first visual check that the measurement is not the victim of some bad setting or setup.


I like the idea og the lactobacillus. in what way is it different from a say bifidus? guerilla composting sounds interesting.