Let's share some resources dedicated to Open Soil Research

I guess we all have nice reading lists, youtube videos and other resources that we collected. let’s put some stuff together here group under this topic.

here my friends from Melbourne…

we met during the Photosynq workshop. he is an amazing DIY tree and soil health geek!

His website has some great overview of soil ecology:

and because it’s soooooo nice… here is martin howse’s earth euro-rack module:

Another initiative in Zurich…
Sounding Soil, by Marcus Maeder, ZHdK and many other partners.



Great Introduction to Permaculture from Geoff Lawton (4 parts, each ~1h):

Funny “clay animation” of the soilfoodweb (1:28min)

Also check out Elaine Ingham!!


Here is the nice little brochure made by the students at Shristi, part of the Art/Sci Bangalore team for IGEM 2011.

Baby tomatos… time to plant stuff!! :slight_smile:

Hello! You guys aware of this? https://twitter.com/snsf_ch/status/986864474035400704
Just found out.

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very good! thanks for the resource!

here direct link to their 120 page report (in german):

It seems to me that many aspect of the “biological activity” in soils are highly underrepresented and not yet practically established methods to analyse are developed.


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Harvesting the power of the rhizosphere
Reading this, just shared by Akbar:

More about the rhyzosphere:
The Rhizosphere - Roots, Soil and Everything In Between

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no link or anything, but maybe something worse digging into: https://twitter.com/_LightningHawk/status/990693359965487104

luc.henri github for that twitter person https://github.com/ADataDate , didnt see any files for the moisture sensor, but did see them using the CCS811 with a micro:bit sparkfun weather:bit https://github.com/ADataDate/pxt-airQuality

Oh thats a great resource!! Thanks!!

i got 2 ccs811 with me for the weekend. but it’s a bit of crap board, temperature reading is usually 4-5° off, cos the whole board gets heated. and the “CO2” is measuring all kinda other hydrocarbons aswell.

also i got 2 cool boards, kinda the same as the hardware from above.

but let’s look further into other ideas, than sticking a piece of metal in the soil and connecting arduinos. soil moisture is really not the most important parameter, unless you have an automated irrigation system.

another nice and veeeery swiss style movie in soil for agriculture.

https://www.dirt-health.co.uk/ Commercial, Cafe and Food soil research… :slight_smile:
There manifesto is ARGGGGHHHH! So Good! When you come to Newcastle we are going to dine and cafe at Dirt. I already am.

"We all have two homes - our planet and our body. Our mission is simple:

To nurture both to becoming healthier, stronger and more connected.

We believe in sustainability and are mindful of every choice we make.

We think globally and act locally. From coffee roasters to farmers,

we work hard to build a community of local suppliers so you can be

assured of our quality.

We are Dirt."

Here is an interesting article from the guardian.

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