Welcome to the BioFabbing Forum

Dear BioFabbing Convergors,
(see our super interesting list)


We have invited you all to join this forum to get ready and into a construcive mindset for our upcoming gathering in Geneva (… and beyond).

Our previous communication platforms using gdocs and/or slack (and various physical meetings, social media chatboxes, smoke signals and pidgeons) are still working, but we’ll be able to have a much more constructive and visible online collaboration here.

In the days coming up before BioFabbing you will find constant updates about logistics and other information. But even more important is your own contributions!

We can use the forum to introduce ourselves to each other already.

How to set to Maillist Mode (highly advised for the upcoming days)

  • Set up as maillist → Go to “Settings” (upper right corner) → select “Maillist mode”

How to use the Forum:

  • There is the main Category for BioFabbing, just add new topics or reply to existing ones.
  • We will sort the Tracks and other Workgroups in the Category “Sessions”
  • Be nice to each other


We’ll provide more reading materials and related information to prepare for the scheduled tracks. See the dedicated Category:

Unconference topic discussions

Additionally everybody is invited to propose in a more structured way topics and experiments to be collobratively worked on throughout the “unconference” part of BioFabbing (see Schedule). We have reserved enough time and space to have very nice and long discussions, also writing up our reflections during BioFabbing.

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