Visit in September

We’ve bought tickets and are gonna fly in and out of BCN 5/9 and 26/9 respectively. Potentially I could visit and spend some time on reseq. Would that be a useful thing to do? Possibly it depends on where Kaspar’s at. @tboysen, I was also gonna look into the possibility of visiting Kiel - are you gonna be around? I would be happy to give a talk on the clinical genomics stuff. I know the two places are not actually that close, but from here it seems like they are. While in the area I’m also hoping to catch up with Neil (the student I had working on the franken-seq) who is now studying at Heidelberg (masters in physics - doing a project in quantum computing).


Hi John,

I’m here in september - we can plan a visit, I will contact you via mail.



I’ll be in Zurich from the 18th till the 20th (running the Openflexure microscope workshop here) and then working on the HiSeq in Lucern till the 26th. @gaudi is not around for most of that time but I could definitely use a programming buddy.

I’ll be in Spain but I can’t make it to Lucerne this time - I’ve already used up my side trips (from the family holiday). I can skype though so perhaps we should try and do that at some point. Or tell me if there is some way I can be of help from Spain. They have internet there.


heihei last chance to enroll if you be part at the zoo trip to the photo contest. family and relatives need to enroll as well

Can anyone join a video chat tomorrow (25th Sept) 3pm CEST?

(EDIT: @bengtsjolen is joining so we are definitely having the call in 2 hours, waiting to hear from @jmarkham, others (@tboysen, @mamaya, @kunal, @dusjagr ?) are welcome to join of course: