Which disease or genetic trait? (Lamp/PCR)

I m finally having almost running this educational setup for LAMP, apart the educational things I would love he to do some applications. Which disease or genetic trait would you like to be my tested?

I focused in the past on malaria (not do much relevant for Europe and difficult to get real samples) and covid (got scary mail from BAG and you need bsl2 and something in bsl3).

What else do you propose?

How about food intolerances, like lacto intollerance.
we could start producing lactase as well?

or we go into the open insulin project to have a start?

Maya Minder

it makes sense, but we need to be more specific. E.g. a person that for sure is lactose intollerant,
btw Bioconcept is ok to sending me the positive control for COVID19 to Bitwascherei :slight_smile:
it is not cheap and it remains the fact we can just use this positive control, not do real extraction from humans (unless you want to pay high fines or be in jail)

he has done another good job explaining PCR and LAMP.