Wrong valve firmware?

After a few gruelsome days of trying to install Windows Vista/7 we now have the Illumina software running.

We do however see this error:

Which seems to say we have the wrong VICI Valve firmware. We should have something starting with I-PD-AMHX but we have I-PD-AMTX88RD1. Anyone come across that before? So far we tried downgrading the Illumina software but that didn’t seem to work.

Hi Kaspar,

My name is Ting and I’ve taken apart a few sequencers for fluidic purposes. I am following the reseq threads to see if there is a use for the microscope parts too! For the Vici controllers,if you have easy access to them (they are in the top right of the instrument above the window that looks at the syringe pump) then you can pop open the cover and see. I had no problem as my Vici is AMHX.

Thanks for the info @tpekp

We managed to get around this error by adding this to our C:\Include_Override.cfg

CosmeticName =                    ViciValve
FirmwareModelValidPrefix1 =      I-PD-AMHX
FirmwareModelValidPrefix2 =      I-PD-AMTX