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Hi hackterians and friens,

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The call-for-participation for this year’s Chaos Communication Congress, 27-30th December 2018, Leipziger Messe, is out! And already for a little while. In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a SCIENCE TRACK \o/, just like every year. Here’s the specifics…

DEADLINE: 15th October
CFP: https://events.ccc.de/2018/09/11/35c3-call-for-participation-und-leitfaden-zur-einreichung/

Here’s an english version of the science track text (unfortunately the one on the blog is still the old one from last year…):

Science Track

We see science as a method of “reverse engineering” the world and are interested in the latest results. How can we free our orbital front yard from all its accumulated space junk? How can we develop algorithms and feed them with data that won’t perpetuate existing discrimination? How can DNA editing cure diseases without causing a zombie apocalypse?
To benefit from new knowledge and the technologies that come from it we need to understand how it all relates to and influences our environment and society. No matter if you work at a research center, university or in a garage: If you explore and evaluate interesting and important developments from a scientific point of view, this is your track!

A nice thing this year is that they’re specifically asking for what they call “Foundation Talks” - this should be entry level backgrounders for people who are new to a topic - great both to apply for and to listen to. You can also check out the other tracks of course - hardware, art and culture… many of them could be (and has been) a good home for the kind of shiznitz we do in this kitchen.
And in reality the talks are only a small part of it. It’s an amazing thing… hope to see some folks there!


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I registered an open science hardware assembly. Hope to see you there – bring something to show off if you can.

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cool! Not sure I’ll have anything to bring but I’ll definitely come find you.

Another year has passed… and this time our Humus.Sapiens activities will be presented.

Who else is there?
@kaspar, @bengtsjolen

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I will be there 27-29th!

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Not me this year. :sob:

We’ll be there 27-30!

Dr K Austen
Sent on the move

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I will be there 28.-30.
yay, geeks ^^

I know I am asking the impossible, but is there a way to get a last minute ticket?
I have tried months ago without success

actually now you might be lucky as ppl are realizing they can’t make it.
Try at https://events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wiki/index.php/TicketExchange

Did you find a ticket? I have one spare. Arriving in Leipzig in ca 1 hour…

I am here hopefully until the end of the event, I just arrived from Italy

GIG has a small booth (boat) at IOI and there are some GOSH and OSH people here. Everybody is welcome join!

Are you here as well @dusjagr? I brought some PCBs I want to give to you :slight_smile:



I was at the presentation of Humus Sapiens in Leipzig and I liked it, also the slides etc. I know the video should be available somewhere on the 36c3 infrastructure, but what about the slides? Is it possible to have them? @dusjagr @mamaya

this is the video of that presentation. thanks to @kaspar that posted this on GOSH forum



Pls send us a link to the video

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humus sapiens at 36c3 video

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