7. April : Open SuperNatural Lab @ GaudiLabs Luzern

Join on 6.April (yes this Saturday!!) afternoon, 17-19h, at GaudiLabs in Luzern to get insights and experience the prototypes of a one week research about Super Natural Imaging techniques, SonoGenetics and High Voltage plasmas. Urs and TeZ will introduce their collaborative experiments, give short presentations and the day will be rounded up with various sound and visual experiences.

See their documentation, links and notes on the wiki.

Hackteria has always been focusing strongly on two things: the development of new workshop concepts and establishing a global collaborative network. With this in mind we have invited TeZ Maurizio Martinucci to work together with Urs Gaudenz for one week and look deeper into possibilities of Kirlian photography and a collection of other super-natural imaging techniques that been the subject of mainstream scientific research, parapsychology research and art. The goal of these visits is to establish collaborative interactions with local practitioners from Switzerland and invite a public audience for interesting interactions.