Preparing for Oki Wonder Lab

It’s finally happening!

After months of preparations, tours through Taiwan and Yogyakarta for planning sessions, physical meet-ups, virtual collaborations and raising some funds, we are happy to announce the upcoming Hackteria lab to be held on the island of Okinawa, Japan, this spring. Main activities scheduled from 25. March - 15. April, with possibilities for longer stay and research or further dissemination trip to Taipei.
See the wiki for muuuuuch more information, constantly updated.

Our partner @Ryuoyama aka “Toru” has prepared a very interesting and diverse programme over more than 3 weeks, different locations, variable ecosystems, venues and more for us to explore and work together.

Out team of hosts and coordinators (@Ryuoyama, @dusjagr, @squaresolid, @weiweiweiwear) is looking forward to greet you in Okinawa soon!

See our notes and budgets in the cloud

More info on research topics to explore will emerge throughout the upcoming weeks and we invite you all for collaborating virtually with our group of active participants! @tez, @agryfp, @sanggeger, @gaudi, @spela