Preparing for Oki Wonder Lab

It’s finally happening!

After months of preparations, tours through Taiwan and Yogyakarta for planning sessions, physical meet-ups, virtual collaborations and raising some funds, we are happy to announce the upcoming Hackteria lab to be held on the island of Okinawa, Japan, this spring. Main activities scheduled from 25. March - 15. April, with possibilities for longer stay and research or further dissemination trip to Taipei.
See the wiki for muuuuuch more information, constantly updated.

Our partner @Ryuoyama aka “Toru” has prepared a very interesting and diverse programme over more than 3 weeks, different locations, variable ecosystems, venues and more for us to explore and work together.

Out team of hosts and coordinators (@Ryuoyama, @dusjagr, @squaresolid, @weiweiweiwear) is looking forward to greet you in Okinawa soon!

See our notes and budgets in the cloud

More info on research topics to explore will emerge throughout the upcoming weeks and we invite you all for collaborating virtually with our group of active participants! @tez, @agryfp, @sanggeger, @gaudi, @spela

First of all: YES, It’s gonna happen!
We are continously reacting to current travel restrictions, and the list of participants has been shaken up a bit. Please inform us about your planned travel schedule. From our side, we can state that a small scale gathering in Okinawa seems like a safe place to be under the current COVID-19 situation. Please be careful to check about your travel and where you transit.

Schedule: 25. March - 15. April

We are really happy to have such a durational collaborative event spanning over more than 3 weeks! And we are looking forward to host you and perform interesting research together. The schedule is roughly described on the wiki, and will be refined in more detail continuously.

Theme “ISOLATION” (and other self-organized research nodes)

We have already been discussing “Isolation” as theme for this edition and it has meanwhile transformed into an even more interesting topic to reflect upon.

“The main theme for Oki Wonder Lab is Isolation. We invite the participants to critically responds to the theme in every possible way. The geographically isolated island Okinawa is unique in it’s own but also shares many resemblance to other islands in South East Asian archipelago and the Pacific Ocean. Isolation allows anything to be reduce or to expand, to live or to die, to grow or to reduce. It is a natural process beyond our artistic or scientific comprehension.”

Discuss in the Forum online

Many of you were already invited to join our discussion forum / maillist. If not so, please make an account, so we can discuss further ideas and research topics collaboratively and openly. Also use the opportunity to introduce yourself virtually already now to all the other participants on the forum.

You will also find more info about accommodation, travel support, programme and food on the forum to discuss together.

Hello everyone
I’m Cherise, reporter for, writing about open science, biodiversity, bioarts, digital naturalism, future ecologies… Currently based in Tokyo, visiting Oki Wonder Lab during the Camp Talganie activities on April 11-15. As this year’s Feral Labs correspondent, I also plan to be at PIFCamp and Electric Wonderland this summer, so I could help disseminate some of the Okinawa experiments, beyond isolation…
See you in Itoman

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We are happy to announce that we “officially” started with Oki Wonder Lab with a little ritual as of 00:00 last night, after long discussions on “Receptors” - “PRESENT” - “Isolation” - “Umwelt / Environment

We starting drawing out more details of the different phases in our planned activities over the next 3 weeks. Now working on our temporary lab at Sonda Labo, starting with experiments in fermentation, hunting for goodies at book off (2nd hand market), and connecting to all our local collaborators.

We will inform all the participants locally and remotely later today about more information on how to collaborate, what you can prepare and how to get here. @weiweiweiwear, @squaresolid, @trembl, @Take, @asato1984, @theyrneh, @aih.
Also all our friends that could not physically make it! Looking forward to virtually work together!!
@marymaggic, @larrybangbang, @shihtung, @posak1987, @sachiko, @gagebu, @agapea, @gaudi, @shihhuisheri, @Victoria, @postergrey, @agryfp_hack, @Tomatofunk

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Congratulation for opening ハクテリア合宿!

If you need something, contact me.
I’ll bring my seeping bag, laptop and some tools.
See you in 2nd, April !!

Sir i am still available to come as a participant if there is any space available let me know?. Thank you

I’m excited to keep track of what you are all doing there and hope to collaborate remotely! I’m in NYC. Let me know if you guys want to set up a hello call once you’re all together! :slight_smile:

Heihei, same here, following remotedly. I guess we all are curiously looking toward Okinawa!!

I am speciall interested in the remedy of fermentation. I once asked the question, will corona survive inside the kimchi i let ferment for one week? and is not frightened from stinki garlic, spicy chilly and pungeont ginger? Can it still survive on the soybean that will grow over my selfmade tempe (Rhisodopus Oligosporus)? Is a virus acidophilic or anaerob, as far I heard it survives only up to 27 degrees Same question is if corona is resistence agains mushroom remedy. And also about the UV-Light to sterilize masks, I heard if you expose your mask into direct sunlight for more then 6h it will also eliminates the virus. Why dont we think of natural remedy then always the mainstream scientific approaches.

also here is an interesting articel from Yuval Harari where he compares the virus as non-living organism similar to a internet meme, that also acts like a virus to reprogramm the metaspheres of the internet.

all best


Maya Minder

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This is Aki. :hugs:
I am a researcher and documentary activist(?) about the interaction between culture and society. And recent years more focused on the nature of collectivism and generative structure with attitude like open dialogue.

My plan for staying there is to research and kind of document emergent organizations and networks like this interdisciplinary nice project.
i wanna eat everything and out something weird! :face_vomiting: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks a lot, Cherise aka @cfrog, for reporting on our initiation of Oki Wonder Lab!

It was a pleasure to talk to you through jitsi and line. We’ll see and react to figure out if it is reasonable for you to join us during the later phase of our camp. Anyway we are happy to keep you in the loop and report more from our experiments and expeditions that are stating now.