Approaching ProHelvetia Funding Strategy


the future… the future… let’s aim slowly at a program for 2019!

Interdisciplinary Production and Collaboration

See more on their support of “Work Grants” in "Interdisciplinary Projects"
Pro Helvetia supports the creation of new interdisciplinary work and its first public presentation by means of contributions to:

  • productions by Swiss art practitioners and independent groups;
  • co-productions of foreign and Swiss art practitioners and independent groups.

Transdisciplinary formats and projects that combine several arts disciplines in a conceptual manner, in particular by applying new media and technology, are considered to be interdisciplinary.

As a general rule, public presentation of the work at cross-regionally recognised festivals and venues in Switzerland is a condition for support. Projects in the digital sphere must contain evidence of a national or international distribution strategy on the internet. Projects that are publicly presented in multiple cities are prioritised.

Visual Arts
Or smaller “Work Grants” for Swiss individuals in Visual Arts up to 5000 CHF