Approaching ProHelvetia Funding Strategy

the future… the future… let’s aim slowly at a program for 2019!

Interdisciplinary Production and Collaboration

See more on their support of “Work Grants” in “Interdisciplinary Projects”
Pro Helvetia supports the creation of new interdisciplinary work and its first public presentation by means of contributions to:

  • productions by Swiss art practitioners and independent groups;
  • co-productions of foreign and Swiss art practitioners and independent groups.

Transdisciplinary formats and projects that combine several arts disciplines in a conceptual manner, in particular by applying new media and technology, are considered to be interdisciplinary.

As a general rule, public presentation of the work at cross-regionally recognised festivals and venues in Switzerland is a condition for support. Projects in the digital sphere must contain evidence of a national or international distribution strategy on the internet. Projects that are publicly presented in multiple cities are prioritised.

Visual Arts
Or smaller “Work Grants” for Swiss individuals in Visual Arts up to 5000 CHF

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There is a deadline coming up on 1. September for the Interdisciplinary Projects Work Grant.

co-productions of foreign and Swiss art practitioners and independent groups.
Transdisciplinary formats and projects that combine several arts disciplines in a conceptual manner, in particular by applying new media and technology, are considered to be interdisciplinary.

This date is for projects starting after 1. Jan 2019… which is the start of our 10 Years anniversary program of Hackteria… Juhhhuuuuu!!!

i’d be in. let’s come up with something to highlight the underground science scene. uss! enterprise!

… and a year has passed!

After loads of discussions and reflections, new orientations and moving forward to our decentralized and peripheric 10 year anniversary program, we fnally got something together under the term “HLabX Programme”, a series of smaller Temporary Labs, a Fellows Programme and an upcomig HackteriaLab in Taiwan. Submitted for a larger amount of funding from Pro Helvetia, to top-up the already received prize from KulturRaum SH.

Stay tuned for more info… HLabX has already started and is rolling with activities in Yogyakarta, Okinawa, Taiwan, Switzerland and more.

More discussions are going on in this thread. ping us there if you are interesting at hosting, participating, discussing with us.

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do you want to include the special biohack meetup at Hackuarium in all this? =)
we are planning with Fran Quero and Luc Patiny for 15Feb 11h in the space in Ecublens!

… and another year has passed.

But finally the long awaited new Programme by Pro Helvetia has launched their first calls, specifically on “Transdisciplinary Projects / Research” and also dedicated grants for “Art, Science & Technology”.

The residency most probably are organized by themselves in collab wiht CERN. But i still hope to convince them to fund our own global network residencies, as imho our approach is much more efficient and fun.

talk more soon.


Cool! 🗲
Also if anyone is ever interested in going to South Africa - because PH has exchanges there, I see part of this call too - you’re welcome to hit me up if you have any questions (I’m South African).

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prohelvetia funded my colombian adventures (still had another trip planned)! what is the best thing to do now, though? should we try and put something together together? lol For example: outside of something like biofabbing and collabs with CERN, our 'room without a roof 'could be an amazing bioart space, we have been thinking - with the fresh breeze especially apropo in this time of corona… :wink:
I am scared to click on the link in german right now, but will try to look into it more!
who would have thought, during the biohack meet up with Fran that we would be here, now, a year later… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is an english or french link too!

… and 2 years later.
Finally they issued a call for a programme support on «ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY», giving the ball further to active players in the scene itself, instead of managing the projects themselves.


Let’s think on a 1-3 year programme with Hackteria ZET, as a lab, a production venue, small public venue for talks, performances and workshops, including our vast international network. I was always dreaming of a professionally funded residency programme here too.
There is still time to plan, find the “right” partners, and come up with more details of what we can apply with. We’ll have to consider the “… * be adequately co-funded by other public or private means”. So hopefully we can join some of the other larger EU networks or other international programmes in the meantime.
The call will be launched in March, and the deadline seems to be 2nd October. Start of the activities 4 months later, meaning spring 2024.

Here is the link, including all other calls of the “Innovation & Society” programs:

The “official” call is out now.

I think it’s our “laaaast” chance to really get more substantial and professional funding to kick Hackteria ZET with its (not so) new base and lab in Zurich off the ground, including our strong international networks and collaborators.

Residencies, workshops, research & productions… and a lot of fun!

I think we need to find 1 or 2 suitable partners in Switzerland, plus our favorite “partners of choice” internationally. I personally see the potential of the Open Science Lab as a pretty unique strength of such an application. A partner with a more public and art oriented venue for performances and exhibitions would be great.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • “The activities are planned over a period of 1-2 years (starting earliest in March 2024)”
  • “Pro Helvetia does not fund more than 50% of the total programme budget.”
  • and the last one i don’t understand how to deal with: EXCLUDED FROM FUNDING “Infrastructural costs (building, renting, etc.) and operational costs (salaries, insurance, etc.) of the organisations”

Im happy to collaborate!

cool! if you all need a partner in Panama, let us know at Dinalab :slight_smile:

Hi Marc n GHN team,

anyone interested to bring hacking attitude in school? Karkhanas would sosuper interested.