[Biofabbing] France & Belgium − Can we discuss?


I’m just a pixel in a widest picture (and yeah, I missed some previous meeting and workshops. Sorry <3).

I’m contributing to some stuff, like an upcoming event in brussels then Liege with Biofabbing and BioJamming inside (Huge an many thanks Hackteria and folks for being providers of documentation and more on this)

Here and now, We (i mean people involved in this tiny Biofabbing between Rennes (fr), Brussels adn Liege (Be)) are just trying to “design” an adapted version of Hackteria works.
So, I deeply think it’s obviously a “sain” and normal step to write you about my needs and desirs to talk/chitchat with you about Biofabbing and “how to” / “why” to facilitate and run an event (and many others I guess). All works and stuffs are prepared and will be documented, freely accessible, and free libre licensed. (i.e: https://wiki.kaouenn-noz.fr/ateliers:biofabbing, i.e upcoming (in)Residency hospitality https://wiki.kaouenn-noz.fr/residence )

I would be really happy to have a little discussion (written or oral) with people who would be OK to share their experiences.

I’am so indebted to your sharing / documentation, please consider this post as what it is: I’d love to contribute and meet.

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