On the 13th May there is a visit to Hackuarium &. neighbour’s. Feel invited to contribute to the skill sharing workshops or neighbour’s interactions @lena @thomasmboa @rudiger @raronoff @punkish @gaudi @haho16 @jbsteinhardt @julian @lu_cyP @gh.seyfried https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u6CzIamLqAzzV-6P_Xj6wTfmYH6G1dQIeRUBnyEVA2o/edit Bizzz


Lol… I have choosen to be at workstation, even if I don’t really know which are the 6 stations…


this ‘self-organising’ method means we will know soon, though (hopefully)?

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Hi @thomasmboa, That’s awesome!!! A workstations is to allow an space to put you knowledge (in the shape it has, object, laptop, poster, fermented mushrooms… whatever!) Rachel is right but, we sorted out :wink: We have so far 6 workstations (with yours) to share knowledge and get inputs, hands on experiments or whatever we need: Agir, Open Bioreactor, Bonsai hacking, Ufology, Fixme, microfluidics. We have friends of FIXME hackrrspace supporting some basic materials…

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Ok it is very clear now…my intend was to help and learn at the same time. I don’t have any activity to show, I want to gather informations on experiments that I can easily reproduce during the biohacking event in Cameroon.


2017 mai. 9 11:29 erabiltzaileak hau idatzi du (“thomasmboa” <

Interesting new ideas. Would love to hear more and involve in discussions.

Sure come by and get involved!