Bring 2 of yours prototyps/Kits/stuffs and donate one

Hi everyone,

This is global call for all of you. During our meeting in Geneva, I expect to gather a lot of stuffs which can be helpful to conduct a workshop on biohacking in Cameroon.

The same gathered material will be also used to do same workshop in 6 others african countries during my fieldwork from september to december 2017. I want to use this “Afrobiohacking Tour” to evangelize on biohacking through concrete examples.

Please, reply to me by telling what you can bring and give in Geneva.

some of you have already mentionned interresting things; @dusjagr @jbsteinhardt @alex_murer @Gnip @vlorenzolana @ermoline @bethan

  • Wild OpenPCR and Polymorphism by Gaudilab @gaudi

Hi @thomasmboa! Great idea! will ping some of our peers at Hackuarium too :wink:

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