Call for Collaborators: Mind thGAP - ReproTech & Arts / Germline Hacks and Designer Babies

We have started researching new labs on introducing germline hacking & arts as a collaborative workshop series hosted by and with @Gnip (Adam Zaretsky) during his residency at the Hackteria ZET - Open Science Lab this coming May - June 2021.

Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP)_

We are eager to involve more collaborators as we go along!

The future of the Human species relies on YOU!!

hi. I would love to join the workshops, I have no previous experience but I’m eager to learn ^^
when will you know if it will be possible to participate in person? how do I sign up?

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Many people have already contacted us and showed interest in collaborating more deeply with us for our research and actvities on the Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP)_

There are many entry point to join the programme!

Learn, experiment and contribute through workshop participation
You are new to the field of bioart and want to learn some basics on human germline? Join our Workshops!
It’s time to update more info and recent developments. See a more detailed description of the workshops / labs on the hackteria website

Contribute as collaborator
You think this is a fantastic programme and you want dedicate time and brains to our research? Join as a collaborator! We’ll use this forum and regular hybrid online times on the island to work together, share ideas and contribute to thGAP_

There are many roles you can pick up:

  • Plasmid Builder
  • Lab debate stirrer
  • Presenter
  • Sequence Gazer
  • Curator, Arts Reviewer
  • New lab developer
  • Host Node

Here are some videos to get you into the mood. feel free to share more resources here yoursself:

Adam Zaretsky, @Gnip, has been onto all those topics for his life already, here is an example of a more formal presentation of some of his interests:

Join the World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts
Share your work, thoughts, bodyparts, venue, data and germline!!
More info for the WConNRTArts will follow soon in a seperate thread.

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I’d love to get involved in this - was particularly interested in the science as sculpture approach and the psychosocial dimensions of queering transgenic development. I’ve recently been reading The Mutant Project | Eben Kirksey | Macmillan, and was really interested in the questions it opened up - regarding access, who can speak with these technologies, and who has legitimacy when speaking about alternative futures for the human form. Will keep reading, thanks for the references on the talk, Adam!

Hello there!

This sounds amazing! Would love to attend the stream
and collaborate if possible.

Thank you!

The transformation of myth into matter
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Mycelia: Live mycelium music performance for A MAZE Berlin July 21st, 2021

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Welcome Adam to Zürich! Looking forward to Sunday!

Getting seriously into the Open-Source Art.Hacking the Human Germline…
To organize ourselves and make sure the participants to the labs / workshops are happy and informed, we just made a registration form!!

Please register here:

For our local collaborators in Zürich, we still can use some help on site for the coming days. Preparing the space, setting up the cameras and streaming setting, prepare some transgenic baby ideas…
and on the longer term, a software / database geek to help for the CGCB – Creative Germline Constructs Bank.

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We did a short pitch and preview on the coming labs with our friends from hackuarium. thx @raronoff

And then elaborated on a few more ideas in the lab


Hi All,
@dusjagr is there another place to watch those videos outside Facebook? Thx

And by the way,
Is there any points where to help from previous workshop (in the wiki for example or elsewhere)?
is there any list of the needs for next workshop? wiki


Great you found the right spot to exactly ask those questions!
We will send out more info on the upcoming labs in the comind days, and keep updating the wiki. yes!
For those of you who want re-watch the first lab, we did a screengrab and it’s available in the CGCB_files Dump. We also work on short little video snippets to guide through the forms, hopefully ready by next week, help for editing is highly appreciated. (those facebook videos are just little low-quality teasers).

Stay tuned, and welcome to our collaborative experiment!

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Thanks for the vídeos, you really make content much clear !!

See you next Week

Really looking fordward!

O 01:55, xov., 13/05/2021, Marc Dusseiller via Global Hackteria Network <> escribiu:

Thanks for your answers.
I was asking cause no acces to facebook, or I have to tinker some stuff to bypass just for video.

Also yesterday I started to fill the form for Creative Germline Construct Bank (CGCB) and create a linked folder. I will take some times during the weekend to achieve my quest in it

thx Miranda for more graphx!! we’ll update the info over the weekend and hope to see you all soon!

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