Mind thGAP's 1st Lab recap - Q & A

We can discuss our experiences and questions from thGAP workshop series in this thread.
Feel free to add questions, remarks, ideas!

Notes from Lab One: thGAP – Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project

The Form for the first lab is open and will remain open and open source for some good, long time. Go to the below link and commit to some data entry for each required field and you will be a part of the CGCB.

Form 1 Creative Germline Construct Bank (CGCB) |Link HERE| :

You can fill this out multiple times and the link remains open so you can fill it out more than once or try it with friends.

We have received some final forms! You still have time to be a part of the first form’s database entries. You are encouraged to consider any writing, art, experimental interpretation to be your data. This should include critical bullshit detecting and even completely irrational documents.

Data Dump: Create your personal folder on the CGCB.

For non-text base data entries, we have a data upload folder that can house most non-moist media. Follow the below link and make yourself a folder with your name, team name, Punk BioNym etc.Make your upload Folder HERE: LINK https://mega.hackteria.org/index.php/s/tWbmPQHAxkPWftG

YES: make your own folder on the cloud to upload any of your text files, images, screen grabs, pdfs, and even audio, videos, performance or other responses related to our research. This is for artistic data, so anything you want to upload here is a form of qualitative and even quantitative data. Your data can be art, sketches, sketchy humor. Your data can be a drawing on paper. It can be a painting. It can be an audio collage. A sketch can be images downloaded from the internet. It can be anything photographed with your phone or scanned or screen grabbed. You can edit a video or just video a performative momentary response to the question. These are artistic, creative or qualitative data points that are meant to help you understand and convey science in a personal way. You can not answer the questions wrongly. Your sketches and answers are BioArt, not science

Take your time and feel free to do as much research and inputs as you feel like. We are working on a step by step written guide to our lab and editing a video to show how to find and research genes on Genbank and here is a draft to remind you of the basic stages:

Go to Genbank GenBank Overview

Pick Gene in the Drop down menu of the search engine at the top

Choose any word or acronym to type into the search bar, can be almost any word or organism or even scifi labby-sounding name.

genbank bioinfo search engine.jpg

Hit Search of Press Return

(if you get no results, try again… usually you get 100 to 1000+ results for any word but if you get “The following term was not found in Gene: mugwump.” enter another word. You ca also research genes of interest and then type them in to find out more.)

Please Copy the link to the search results page for the database

and start a text document for links and notes for uploading as your research on the Open Source Database…

Scan through your Bioinformatic Databank search for a Gene that seems interesting.

Click on the blue hyperlink text name of the gene.

Find out all about your gene, what organism it is in, where it expresses and what it does.

Then do image and other research including creative responses for the data dump!

We’ll continuously add to the wiki to provide all the relevant docs and links for you: https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Mind_thGAP

here is an article about human ESCs in ISS: https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/stem-cells-in-space/2020/12/04/8915f700-2471-11eb-a688-5298ad5d580a_story.html

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