Hello World from Adam Zaretsky

Welcome to Mind thGAP
Here is a
Shortlist of links for Mind thGAP_ lab1:

GenBank: GenBank Overview

UCSC Genome Browser:


SCI-HUB - OPEN Scientific papers serving the community of mind over commercial pay-walls.


Form 1 Creative Germline Construct Bank (CGCB):


You can fill this out multiple times and the link remains open so you can fill it out more than once or try it with friends.

Data Dump: your personal folder on the CGCB. Upload to here (make your own folder on the cloud to upload any of your text files, images, screen grabs, pdfs, and even audio, videos, performance or other responses related to our research.

This is for artistic data, so anything you want to upload here is a form of qualitative and even quantitative data… (Preferred file types are .doc .rtf. .docx .pdf .jpg .gif .aif .wav .mov and .mp4, preferred size is not too big.)


I put some screen shots from the first event in my folder so far… =) if you want the fb livestream to live forever, btw, one has to download it and save it (i.e. youtube channel) - if you do this, please pass on the link (we don’t usually)…

Yeah, @raronoff would be super if you add the facebook videos also somewhere to the Dump. so non fbook people can wathc too!

if they disappear for Hackuarium it is ok - too many other things, Marc - haha like my super repair design for the Mind thGAP hehe - If you want it you can also download save upload etc…

but I would very much like vid production advice for upcoming workshop 9 June. who is behind yours?